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Review: About Life (Bondi Junction)

I had shopped at About Life before, I had eaten their food (at an event they catered for) but I had never sat down at one of their in-store cafes for a meal. These work as a canteen/cafe, with salads, breakfast items (e.g. yoghurt, fruit, muesli) and hot dishes served up in cold/hot food displays for you to fill up a container, pay for your meal and go. There is also a menu with breakfast and lunch items you order like you would normally in a cafe.

We grabbed two small boxes with ready-made miso chicken slaw (white cabbage, carrots, shallots, chicken, red onion, miso and coriander dressing) and steamed vegetables. They were pretty filling and were much more interesting than your typical pre-made salad. Even the steamed vegetables, as boring as that sounds, came with the novelty of steamed cabbage and radishes.

Steamed vegetables, miso chicken slaw

Small boxes of steamed vegetables and miso chicken slaw ($7.90 each)

We also ordered a grass-fed linseed beef burger with cheddar, cheese, tomato, grilled onions, raw tomato relish & greens and a pulled pork paleo sandwich free-range pulled pork slow cooked in bone broth with raw tahini slaw & greens. You can swap the bread in any of the burgers for paleo bread (the pulled pork paleo sandwich comes with it by default). I liked the beef burger much better. The patty was huge and pink in the middle (the way I like it) and I liked how its meatiness was complemented by the cheese, relish and onions. Yes, eating with your hands would be a challenge. Use cutlery.

Pulled pork paleo sandwich

Beef burger (10.90) in paleo bread ($2.00)

The pork sandwich was good and had heaps of pork (everyone else: please note this is the right amount of meat to put in a sandwich), however I liked the flavour of the burger better. As I said before, the paleo bread is included by default so you won’t have to pay extra for it.

Grass-fed linseed beef burger

Pulled pork paleo sandwich (10.90)

Alvaro ordered a coconut water iced coffee that was so good, I ended up drinking half of it.

Coconut water iced coffee

Coconut water iced coffee ($6.90)

About Life Bondi Junction
31 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction

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Thr1ve @ Home

Thr1ve @ Home

Ever since Thr1ve opened their first shop at MLC Centre it has been one of my go-to lunch options whenever I don’t bring my own. It has also been one of my top sources of caffeine because 1) Allpress and 2) mountain coffee (their version of bulletproof coffee). And since a few weeks ago, they are also a source of ready-made meals whenever life gets too hectic to cook.

Thr1ve meals

The ready-made meals, which follow the company’s vision (and robbwolfism) look, feel, perform, are made with quality proteins, smart carbs, good fats, and are all gluten-free. The website has a nifty filtering option so that you can select meals that are dairy free, keto friendly, nut free, post training, seafood free, snacks or vegetarian. The meals that contain grains have either a mix of brown rice and quinoa or gluten-free pasta in the case of the lasagna (which is delicious BTW).


They have such a wide variety of meals that is hard for me to name a favourite. We’ve ordered most of the meals they have available: beef cheeks, beef madras, beef stroganoff, cottage pie, healthy lasagna, hearty Bolognese, Mexican chilli, Rogan Josh, slow cooked brisket, pulled lamb, butter chicken, chicken cacciatore, chicken tagine, jerk chicken, green chicken curry, grilled chicken, roast chicken, fish cakes, and teriyaki salmon.


I’ve tried a good percentage of those meals and enjoyed all of them, but I gotta say I have yet to find a paleo-friendly meal delivery service where the cauliflower rice stays fresh for a few days. The good news? Most of the meals come with a few different choices of sides, such as ratatouille, seasonal greens, sweet potato mash, and roasted vegetables.


Meals come in a sealed split plastic container (good for those people who can’t stand the components of their meals mixing up). The label lists all the ingredients, allergens, nutrition information, use by date and reheating instructions. That being said, all the meals can be frozen so go ahead and order a big batch (shipping is free for orders over $120).


On the fence? Click here to save $25 in your first order.

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Kooee jerky

Product review: Kooee! jerky

Jerky and macadamias are my go-to snack when I need something nutritious and portable. My favourite macadamias are Hand’n’Hoe (I buy them at the Eveleigh farmers market) but I’m still looking for the “perfect” jerky.

I was researching some things (read: wasting time) on the net when I came across Kooee! jerky, which caught my eye thanks to their short list of gluten-free, refined sugar-free ingredients. This jerky is made in Tassie using top quality Cape Grim grass-fed beef.

Smoked chipotle, sesame ginger

The current flavours are smoked chipotle and sesame ginger. I love the packaging, both visually and functionally. The serve is not huge but you can reseal the bag in case you don’t finish all the jerky in one go. The jerky pieces are the right size (don’t you hate when you get a long strip that is impossible to break down with your bare hands?) and, most importantly, very thin. This means that they are easier to chew and, in the case of the sesame ginger, crunchy. I absolutely loved both flavours but if I had to choose, I would pick the smoked chipotle, which was not very hot.

Smoked chipotle nutrition facts

Sesame ginger nutrition facts

I also got a sneak peek of new flavours that are in the pipeline: habanero and mountain pepper.

Habanero, mountain pepper

The habanero flavour is H-O-T, even for me. The heat overpowers the flavour if you eat these by themselves but I can imagine they would make a great vehicle for guacamole, for example. The mountain pepper was nice, with a more familiar jerky flavour.

Habanero nutrition facts

Mountain pepper nutrition facts

Out of the four flavours I sampled I preferred the two that are currently on the market (sesame ginger and smoked chipotle). A huge thanks to Andy for sending me the samples, and, most importantly, for his excellent customer service. I have found my favourite brand of jerky.

Head over to Kooee!’s website to learn more about this great beef jerky.

Third Wave Cafe

Review: Third Wave Cafe (Prahran, VIC)

A couple of weekends ago I went to Melbourne to visit my sister and celebrate her birthday. We had a humongous list of restaurants and cafes we wanted to try but had to narrow it down to a handful. I got there on Saturday morning and left on Sunday night, so we figured we could fit in 6 meals, but we were wrong! We ate so much we could only do 2 meals per day.

I was given breakfast on the plane, which I didn’t touch. I had ordered the gluten free option, which was a banana, a muffin and a small tub of lite soy milk. Fortunately, I had packed a pouch of almond butter. My sister met me at the train station and we headed to the Buddhist centre, where I was staying. I left my stuff and off we went to grab brunch at Third Wave Cafe. I must admit I was a little underwhelmed by the decor and the fact that we were the only customers there.

Third Wave Cafe

They serve American BBQ-type fare with two bonuses: a paleo section in the menu and almond milk for coffee.

Almond milk latte, long black

Almond milk latte ($4.50?), long black ($3.80)

We shared the spicy ratatouille baked eggs with eggplant, zucchini, red peppers, tomatoes, Herbes de Provence, and spicy beef brisket (lamb shoulder and salmon were the other meat options), and the Texan fry up: slow smoked brisket pan-fried with sweet potato and butter mushrooms in house-made tangy tomato relish topped with a poached egg. Both meals were super tasty and massive. Probably the best meal I had on this trip.

Spicy Ratatouille Baked Eggs

Spicy Ratatouille Baked Eggs ($19.90)

Texan Fry Up

Texan Fry Up ($22.90)

Third Wave Cafe
30 Cato Street
Prahran, Melbourne
(03) 8899 6658

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Absolute Biltong jerky

Product review: Absolute Biltong jerky

It was a sad day when I found out that the jerky I loved and bought regularly was halal. Luckily, a quick internet search came up with an alternative that, while not being “strictly paleo” (whatever that means) is grass-fed, gluten-free and explicitly not halal.

I got a bunch of different flavours to try: venison (plain), beef (plain and pepper), emu, and water buffalo. Seasonings include GF soy sauce, red wine, a tiny bit of brown sugar, salt, spices, and tabasco.

Coming from consuming a brand with a lot less ingredients, it took me a while to get used to the bolder flavour. It’s not bad, just different. Out of the meats I tried, I found the emu too gamey for my taste, but would definitely buy the rest again. The smaller packs have the advantage that the jerky comes already chopped up.

Absolute Biltong

Review: Zeitgeist Cuisine (Sydney CBD)

Sebastian was intrigued/worried when I suggested a plant-based cafe for a lunch catch-up. He offered to bring some jerky for me in case I passed out (I didn’t. I eat meat-free meals here and there and I’m fine).

Zeitgeist Cuisine

Zeigeist Cuisine

Zeitgeist Cuisine

Zeigeist Cuisine‘s philosophy is to offer healthy plant-based food in an area that desperately needs it (i.e. Sydney CBD). Their meals and treats are packed and ready to grab, but you can eat them there, too. Keep in mind the cafe is small.

Zeitgeist Cuisine

Zeitgeist Cuisine

Zeitgeist Cuisine

Small cafe, small menu. Not a bad thing when most items look appetizing; makes it easier to choose.


I don’t normally order smoothies but I figured I had to try one for the sake of blogging. The virgin espresso martini (cold brew coffee, dates, vanilla, cashews) was awesome: not too sweet, perfectly caffeinated.

Virgin Espresso Martini

The Raw Rainbow Pad Thai (rainbow zoodles w/creamy coco satay dressing) was our favourite. I loved the inclusion of spiralized beetroot (one of my favourite vegetables!), the variety of veggies in general, and the great sauce.

Raw Rainbow Pad Thai

Raw Rainbow Pad Thai – Main ($12.90)

The Green and Gold (roasted vegetables, spiced chickpeas, quinoa, activated walnuts, green leaves, chilli, turmeric dressing), while more “conventional” was great, too.

Green and Gold

Green and Gold ($14.90)

We were given free goodies to take home: a raw Znickers bar for me and a brownie for Sebastian. The bar is on the sweet side, so it’s best to cut in small pieces and share.

Raw Znickers bar

Raw Znickers bar ($4.90)

Zeitgeist Cuisine is a great new addition to the handful of healthy places to eat close to work. I’m glad we gave it a try.

Zeigeist Cuisine
B1/153 Clarence Street
Sydney NSW 2000
0430 818 842

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Review: Cross Eatery (Sydney CBD)

The healthy eating scene in the CBD is getting bigger and better. One of the newest additions is Cross Eatery, whose early reviews got my attention thanks to the words “Feather & Bone” and “kombucha on tap”. To find this place, look for the sign in the photo below.

Cross Eatery


Salads, sandwiches

I heard the coffee was good but was not my type. Not bad, just not as smooth for my South American palate.

Long black

Long black ($3.50)

As I mentioned before, they also offer kombucha on tap. Hopefully more cafes will follow this trend.

Kombucha on tap

Kombucha on tap

These guys make one of the best paleo-friendly breakfasts in the area: a Cross breakfast salad bowl with raw sprout, kale salad, probiotic cabbage, activated nuts and poached egg. I added a (generous) serve of Feather & Bone pastured raised ham and called it a meal.

Cross breakfast salad bowl, Feather & Bone ham

Cross breakfast salad bowl ($12), Feather & Bone ham ($6)

Feather & Bone pasture raised ham ($6.00)

For lunch, they have a few specials and a roast meat (I missed out on the lamb and the pork belly) with two salads. The day I visited, they had pulled beef brisket, made with Feather & Bone grass-fed beef and serve with house made pickles, which was very tasty. The serve was a bit small, FYI. I had it with broccolini, chilli, garlic & mustard dressing and burnt Brussel sprouts, citrus, walnut, and witlof.

Pulled beef brisket and two salads

Pulled beef brisket and two salads ($17.50)

This same meal can be ordered in a box to take away as in the photo below. They also do a box with two salads plus F&B ham.

Pulled beef brisket and two salads, takeaway

Pulled beef brisket and two salads, takeaway ($16)

Cross Eatery
155 Clarence Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9279 4280

Review: Henley’s Wholefoods (Alexandria)

A while ago I reviewed Henley’s Wholefoods Bondi Junction without knowing or expecting that they would later open another shop walking distance from where we now live.

Henley's Wholefoods Alexandria

For those who don’t know, this is a paleo-friendly cafe that focus on good quality ingredients. Coffee, which you can have with almond milk, is great, and they also have a good range of Mayde teas and Botannica cold-pressed juices available.

Coffee gear

Teas, sweeets, cold-pressed juices

I’ve enjoyed my usual long black and a cacao mint tea. I have also tried Alvaro’s smoothies: the Henley’s Special (double shot of espresso, whey blend protein, CocoWhip, almond milk, ice) and the Good Green Stuff (Nu Zest good green stuff, banana, avocado, mint, coconut water, ice), both great.

Long black

Long black ($3.50)

Henley's Special smoothie, cacao mint tea

Henley's Special smoothie ($9), cacao mint tea ($5)

Good Green Stuff smoothie

Good Green Stuff smoothie ($9)

On the food front, I have a few favourites. The grass-fed beef burger (served bunless with caramelised onion, celeriac, red cabbage & parsley slaw, plus coconut flour dusted sweet potato wedges) is a paleo girl’s dream come true.

Grass fed beef burger

Grass fed beef burger ($19)

I love the salad plates, too, in which you can choose one or more of the available salads, and add some protein. We tried a mix of the autumn roast (roasted golden & red beets, kohlrabi, Brussel sprouts, Jerusalem artichokes, kale, ginger pickled carrots & toasted sprouted bread crumbs with a rocket & almond pesto) and purple power (Red cabbage, purple dutch carrots, beetroot, parsley, mint, pepitas & dried figs with horseradish & honey dressing) with miso ‘butter’ swordfish. Loved everything.

Autumn roast & purple power salads, miso "butter" swordfish

Autumn roast & purple power salads ($10), miso ‘butter’ swordfish ($8)

We have also tried the zucchini noodles (a.k.a. zoodles), served with preserved lemon, chillies, slow roasted heirloom tomatoes & garlic prawns. Great flavours, but a bit small for big appetites.

Zucchini noodles

Zucchini noodles ($19)

My least favourite of the dishes we have tried is the grain free pizza with roasted tomato sauce base, chorizo sausage, Spanish onions, tomato salsa & almond parmesan. Nice toppings, but the base needs some work. It tastes and feels like a giant cookie. We’ve made grain-free pizzas at home with Primal Girl’s recipe with way better results.

Grain free pizza

Grain free pizza ($16)

On our way out one day Alvaro stared at the muffin tray as I was paying the bill and we got one for the way home (12 minutes walking). These are delicious and truly healthy, as they have no gluten, dairy or refined sugar. They have a “rustic” texture, in a good way, and the right amount of sweetness for our palates. Will buy again.


Muffins ($5.50)

Henley’s Wholefoods
38 Mitchell Road

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Review: 80raw/20paleo (Glebe)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: raw vegan food is awesome. Not kidding, it is because it’s mostly paleo. Raw vegan treats? Even better. 80raw/20paleo brings raw vegan/paleo treats to the masses via their stall at Glebe markets.



We tried the salted macadamia caramel cheesecake, a lemon meringue cup and the salted mango cheesecake ice cream. My favourite was the cheesecake ice cream, which I found to be the less sweet of the lot (all of them were too sweet for me regardless).

Salted macadamia caramel cheesecake, lemon meringue cups, salted mango cheesecake ice cream

Salted macadamia caramel cheesecake ($8.90), lemon meringue cups ($5.10), salted mango cheesecake ice cream

They also do a variety of granolas for those who like sweet breakfasts



There you go, if you’re market shopping on a Saturday morning go get a treat. Just remember “treat treats like treats” and make sure you check the ingredients list if you’re squeaky clean paleo.

Glebe Market
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Product review: Over the Moon coconut ice cream

The guys over at Food + People make it possible for people to connect through home-made food. One of their recent events was a dairy-free coconut ice cream tasting that happened to be free and not far away from home.

Alex, the young businessman behind the product, had organised the event to get some feedback on the flavours he’s developed.

Over the Moo

There were two vanilla versions, mango & lime, mango, capuccino and peanut butter & chocolate.

Over the Moo

We filled in a questionaire with feedback about the flavours and four possible logos for the company.

Over the Moo

We rated the vanillas separately. My favourite vanilla was the one that was more French vanilla-y and less coconut-y. From the other flavours, my order of preference was capuccino, mango & lime, mango, and peanut butter & chocolate. I liked the fact that you couldn’t really taste the coconut in most of the flavours (except one of the vanillas). Also, most flavours were not overly sweet, as evidenced by the large amount of ice cream I stuffed my face with before feeling overdosed.

Over the Moo

If you want to attend any of the events organised by Food + People follow the links below.

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