Macro Natural Nut Mix

Product Review: Macro Natural Nut Mix

Woolies has recently launched a snack pack called Macro Natural Nut Mix. The bag contains 5 single-serve packs 5 and costs $3.99, making a convenient and reasonably-priced snack. Sadly, convenience also means extra packaging.

Each pack contains 30g of nuts (almonds, blanched peanuts, walnuts and cashews), which is the recommended serving size in the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Note that the nuts are either raw or blanched and unsalted, making them healthier than the roasted and/or flavoured varieties.

Nuts contain healthy fats (mainly monounsaturated and some polyunsaturated fatty acids), as well as some protein and fibre. They also contain appreciable amounts of micronutrients such as vitamin E, folate, magnesium, calcium, and selenium. When tolerated, nuts should be consumed regularly in sensible amounts as part of a healthy diet. I prefer to freeze nuts for texture and to help protect the fats from going rancid.

Each serve provides:
Energy: 777kJ
Protein: 6.7g
Fat 16.5g
Saturated 1.7g
Carbohydrate 2.0g
– Sugars 1.6g
Fibre 2.5g

For more information about the health benefits of nuts, visit Nuts For Life.

Review: Naked Foods (Bondi Junction)

Naked Foods specialises in bulk pantry essentials like nuts, seeds, flours, oils, vinegars, soaps, etc. It’s like the bulk section of your local health food shop but bigger. Many of their products are organic or at least insecticide free.


Mission statement

Naked Foods

Naked Foods

The system is simple: they provide brown paper bags to fill up with your goodies. You write down the product code on the bag (there are jars with evidence of pens that are no longer there so BYO) and they weigh it at the register.

Shopping instructions

I saw almonds in their shell for the first time, which was pretty cool. But we were lazy enough to buy the shelled (and tamari-roasted) ones.

Almonds in shell

Naked Foods
7-310 Oxford St
Bondi Junction
(02) 9387 4935
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Product review: Kitz Living Foods

Nuts, seeds and other plant foods (grains, legumes, etc.) contain anti-nutrients that can keep our bodies from digesting them properly and absorbing minerals and other micro-nutrients (for a longer explanation read this article). Cooking, soaking, sprouting and fermenting are ways to reduce the anti-nutrient content of foods. Nuts and seeds that have been soaked (usually overnight) and then dried at a low temperature are commonly known as “activated”.

Kitz Living Foods offers activated nuts and seeds and snack products made with them that are free from: gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, eggs, soy, peanuts, sesame, fish, shellfish and cane sugar. They are raw and vegan (and paleo!) and made from mostly organic ingredients.

We’ve tried only a couple of their wide variety of products but enough to give us the feeling that all of them are top-notch quality. We were most impressed by the sweet snacks, which are the least sweet we’ve found in the market so far. They come in 150g re-sealable bags, cut in sensibly-sized portions. Listed below are the normal and member prices in the Go Vita shop I bought them from.

Kitz chunks

Kitz chunks nutritional info

Kitz chunks ($12.30, $9.72 member price)

The banana, date & walnut chunks are made of Australian sunflower seeds, dates, organic bananas, walnuts, organic coconut, organic raw vanilla, and organic cinnamon. These had a bit of crunch but were more on the chewy side. Great flavour and pretty filling.

The naughty but nice chocolate chunks are made of dates, Australian sunflower seeds, cashews, organic coconut, organic fair trade raw cacao nibs, organic fair trade raw cacao, organic dark agave syrup, organic raw vanilla, organic cinnamon. I like these a bit better because they were crunchier and I really like chocolate.

The savoury crackers come in 100g bags and were a bit bland IMO. We tried the Italian herb & garlic crackers a while ago and the gourmet 4 seed crackers recently. They were both very crumbly (think them as a vehicle to put stuff on them, rather than spoon stuff with them) and, as I said, a bit on the bland side. For savoury snacks, I prefer Flats.

Kitz gourmet 4 seed crackers

Kitz gourmet 4 seed crackers

Kitz gourmet 4 seed crackers ($9.70, $7.66 member price)

Following yesterday’s post, I do consider these snacks to be processed foods but of the benign kind.

Kitz Living Foods
Tweed Heads NSW
(07) 5536 7983