Thr1ve @ Home

Thr1ve @ Home

Ever since Thr1ve opened their first shop at MLC Centre it has been one of my go-to lunch options whenever I don’t bring my own. It has also been one of my top sources of caffeine because 1) Allpress and 2) mountain coffee (their version of bulletproof coffee). And since a few weeks ago, they are also a source of ready-made meals whenever life gets too hectic to cook.

Thr1ve meals

The ready-made meals, which follow the company’s vision (and robbwolfism) look, feel, perform, are made with quality proteins, smart carbs, good fats, and are all gluten-free. The website has a nifty filtering option so that you can select meals that are dairy free, keto friendly, nut free, post training, seafood free, snacks or vegetarian. The meals that contain grains have either a mix of brown rice and quinoa or gluten-free pasta in the case of the lasagna (which is delicious BTW).

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They have such a wide variety of meals that is hard for me to name a favourite. We’ve ordered most of the meals they have available: beef cheeks, beef madras, beef stroganoff, cottage pie, healthy lasagna, hearty Bolognese, Mexican chilli, Rogan Josh, slow cooked brisket, pulled lamb, butter chicken, chicken cacciatore, chicken tagine, jerk chicken, green chicken curry, grilled chicken, roast chicken, fish cakes, and teriyaki salmon.


I’ve tried a good percentage of those meals and enjoyed all of them, but I gotta say I have yet to find a paleo-friendly meal delivery service where the cauliflower rice stays fresh for a few days. The good news? Most of the meals come with a few different choices of sides, such as ratatouille, seasonal greens, sweet potato mash, and roasted vegetables.


Meals come in a sealed split plastic container (good for those people who can’t stand the components of their meals mixing up). The label lists all the ingredients, allergens, nutrition information, use by date and reheating instructions. That being said, all the meals can be frozen so go ahead and order a big batch (shipping is free for orders over $120).


On the fence? Click here to save $25 in your first order.

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Review: Go Paleo

Thanks to Larina from The Body Dietetics for letting me know about Go Paleo. Yes, I agree that paleo going mainstream can be a bad idea because we’ll soon be flooded with paleo processed crap, but not all paleo-oriented businesses are heading that way. I mean, how can it possibly be wrong to help busy people eat nutrient-dense, junk-free, delicious food without having to shop, prepare and clean up? It can’t.

Go Paleo is a new business offering ready-to-eat paleo meals (i.e. free of grains, gluten, sugar, seed oils, etc.). They specialize in slow-cooked Asian- and Indian-inspired main meals, and offer a couple of side dishes (the paleo staples: cauliflower rice and sweet potato mash). Interestingly, these are offered independently, so you can opt for buying just the “meaty” part and do your own sides. This gives you more flexibility as you can choose your favourite veggies to match your meal, go higher/lower carb, and also avoid the undesirable change of texture that some veggies undergo when frozen.

The second great thing about Go Paleo you can get your meals delivered or pick them up from parcel lockers in a few handy locations. This really cool invention of modern day civilisation sends you a text message and an email when your goodies are ready for pickup. You then go and scan the QR code from the email or type in the code from the text message and the locker containing your purchase opens up. Once again, the word here is flexibility.

Last but not least, if you buy in bulk you get a discount. The flip side is that you get a mix of meals, but if you don’t mind, this is the most cost-effective way to go. And is exactly what I did: I ordered the 15 meal pack plus 4 sides (2 cauliflower rice, 2 sweet potato mash) and 2 serves of bone broth. In addition to the pack savings, Lorinda kindly gave me a $20-off coupon code.

On to the food! These are the main dishes we received: spinach & lamb curry, beef rendang, Uncle Sean’s lamb stew, lamb Rogan Josh, Paleo chilli (kangaroo & beef), Kapitan chicken curry, and pork, chestnut & cider cassoulet – which comes with quince & apple compote. Mains come frozen in plastic bags inside a chiller bag with an ice pack and all the info you need (ingredients, how to reheat, etc.). While Alvaro found the curries and chilli a bit too spicy for him, I was happy with the level of heat. Funnily, my favourites were not spicy: the pork, chestnut & cider cassoulet (chestnuts instead of beans! genius!) and Uncle Sean’s lamb stew.

Go Paleo: Main meals

Main meals ($14 each, 15 for $195)

Both the cauliflower rice and the sweet potato mash were good and huge (at least for me).

Go Paleo: Broth, sides

Pork, ginger and shiitake bone broth ($11), sweet potato mash ($4), cauliflower rice ($3)

Being a foodie and a decent cook it’s kind of embarrassing for me to admit that I’m like Robb Wolf when it comes to food preferences: I really like soup. It’s not a surprise that my absolute favourite dish of the lot was the pork, ginger and shiitake bone broth, a thick, satisfying and deliciously umami meal.

Go Paleo: Pork bone & shiitake broth

Pork, ginger and shiitake bone broth ($11)

Go Paleo also offers breakfast foods (chia porridge, coconut pudding and a few flavours of granola) and whey protein.

Go Paleo
PO Box 690
Hurstville NSW 1481
(02) 8006 4320