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Review: About Life (Bondi Junction)

I had shopped at About Life before, I had eaten their food (at an event they catered for) but I had never sat down at one of their in-store cafes for a meal. These work as a canteen/cafe, with salads, breakfast items (e.g. yoghurt, fruit, muesli) and hot dishes served up in cold/hot food displays for you to fill up a container, pay for your meal and go. There is also a menu with breakfast and lunch items you order like you would normally in a cafe.

We grabbed two small boxes with ready-made miso chicken slaw (white cabbage, carrots, shallots, chicken, red onion, miso and coriander dressing) and steamed vegetables. They were pretty filling and were much more interesting than your typical pre-made salad. Even the steamed vegetables, as boring as that sounds, came with the novelty of steamed cabbage and radishes.

Steamed vegetables, miso chicken slaw

Small boxes of steamed vegetables and miso chicken slaw ($7.90 each)

We also ordered a grass-fed linseed beef burger with cheddar, cheese, tomato, grilled onions, raw tomato relish & greens and a pulled pork paleo sandwich free-range pulled pork slow cooked in bone broth with raw tahini slaw & greens. You can swap the bread in any of the burgers for paleo bread (the pulled pork paleo sandwich comes with it by default). I liked the beef burger much better. The patty was huge and pink in the middle (the way I like it) and I liked how its meatiness was complemented by the cheese, relish and onions. Yes, eating with your hands would be a challenge. Use cutlery.

Pulled pork paleo sandwich

Beef burger (10.90) in paleo bread ($2.00)

The pork sandwich was good and had heaps of pork (everyone else: please note this is the right amount of meat to put in a sandwich), however I liked the flavour of the burger better. As I said before, the paleo bread is included by default so you won’t have to pay extra for it.

Grass-fed linseed beef burger

Pulled pork paleo sandwich (10.90)

Alvaro ordered a coconut water iced coffee that was so good, I ended up drinking half of it.

Coconut water iced coffee

Coconut water iced coffee ($6.90)

About Life Bondi Junction
31 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction

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Vim and Tonic @ Healthy Life

Review: Vim & Tonic (Sydney CBD)

A few weeks ago, when I went to Healthy Life to buy cricket flour bars (yes, cricket flour) I noticed they had a small cafe offering smoothies, ready-to-go salads served in jars, sweet treats (many of them GF and/or DF), wraps, etc.



After a couple of bad experiences with my lunch buddy Sebastian, I had my hopes set on Vim & Tonic to deliver an enjoyable, healthy feed.

Menu 2


When I first visited for breakfast, I ordered a chia pudding with rice milk, coconut nectar, raw cacao, hazelnut, desiccated coconut and berries, plus a long black. Staff were very helpful and friendly, especially the guy who helped me choose between the pudding and the granola with yoghurt. The pudding was good, tasty and not too sweet. Perhaps a few chopped nuts would make a good addition to make it more filling. Coffee was okay, and I did notice they have nut milks available for coffees and smoothies. Next time.

Vim & Tonic

Chia pudding, long black

Later that day Sebastian and I ordered a couple of salads. It was our first time eating salads out of a jar and we both agreed that even though the layers look pretty it was difficult to mix the contents, particularly the dressing, which falls to the bottom. Regardless, salads were good. Mine had lime dressing, quinoa, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, green beans, poached salmon, and kale. Sebastian’s had olive oil, Dijon mustard, white vinegar, lentils, quinoa, shaved fennel, cherry tomatoes, chicken and kale.

Salads, rolls

Chicken salad, Mojo kombucha, poached salmon salad

Chicken salad ($11.90), Mojo kombucha, poached salmon salad ($11.90)

Poached salmon salad

Poached salmon salad ($11.90)

We also shared a raw superfood brownie for dessert that was delicious, dense and moist.

Raw brownie

Raw superfood brownie ($3.50)

I’ll be back soon to try one of their signature coffee-based smoothies or maybe a custom-made one with coffee and organic whey protein.

Vim & Tonic
Inside Healthy Life
143 King Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9233 8433
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Review: Fit and Fresh food delivery service

Sadly, 2 of my favourite meal delivery services (Feed Me and Go Paleo) have shut their services (don’t worry, RealFood Connection is still around). Looking for alternatives, I found Fit and Fresh, based in Newcastle. As it name implies, their focus is fuelling people for fitness and weight loss purposes. They offer both meal plans and individual meals.

The meal plans are awesome for people who are after a full week’s supply of food and don’t have the time, need or desire to decide what they want to eat at each meal. You can choose between 5 or 7 days, and also if you want breakfast + lunch + dinner or only lunch + dinner. You can also decide the size of your meals, (small, regular or large, which applies to the individually purchased meals, too).

Fit and Fresh

We’ve signed up for the 5 day regular-sized lunch + dinner paleo meal plan to help me out until life gets a bit less hectic. Dishes vary week to week and include soups, meat + salad, meat + vegetables and a few vegetarian dishes. Protein sources are varied, we’ve had beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish and prawns so far. Generally lunches are smaller but in general I would rank the meal size as decent to generous (remember we’re buying the regular size option).

Fit and Fresh

Fit and Fresh

Dishes that are not meant to have the meat mixed in with the salad/vegetables come with the meat in a vacuum-sealed bag which is great from a food safety, freshness and culinary point of view, but can get messy on the go.

Lemon chicken

Lemon chicken

Finally, I find the containers a bit too bulky and would love to see these meals packed in a non-plastic microwave-safe leak-proof alternative but I think it has not invented at the moment.

To find out more about Fit and Fresh and their meal plans click on the link below. You can find photos of some of their meals in my Instagram feed.

Fit and Fresh