Naturally Good Expo

Last weekend I attended the Naturally Good Expo, a trade-only event for businesses interested in natural food, therapies and goods. I, of course, attended as a private practice dietitian to 1) know what are the market trends that my clients might be exposed to and 2) try products that I can recommend to my clients and/or use myself.

I tried a multitude of Bounce®-type energy balls, raw/protein bars, alkaline water, turmeric products, chocolate bars, plant-based protein powders and greens powders. To be honest, I think those product categories are reaching saturation point and it’s hard to differentiate between brands.

Matcha and turmeric drinks

The most interesting products I personally came across were:

Goat milk chocolate

Egg white protein bars

Sauerkraut crisps

One trend I was pleased to see is bone broths in different presentations (liquid, powdered, in a paste for reconstituting), as well as collagen and gelatin products. These natural jellies were pretty awesome, too.

Bone broth, jelly and nut milks

Natural jellies

Fine Fettle won the retailer’s choice award for best food product, which doesn’t surprise me – I’ve been a fan for a long time (see my most recent review of their products <a href="here).

Review: Naked Foods (Bondi Junction)

Naked Foods specialises in bulk pantry essentials like nuts, seeds, flours, oils, vinegars, soaps, etc. It’s like the bulk section of your local health food shop but bigger. Many of their products are organic or at least insecticide free.


Mission statement

Naked Foods

Naked Foods

The system is simple: they provide brown paper bags to fill up with your goodies. You write down the product code on the bag (there are jars with evidence of pens that are no longer there so BYO) and they weigh it at the register.

Shopping instructions

I saw almonds in their shell for the first time, which was pretty cool. But we were lazy enough to buy the shelled (and tamari-roasted) ones.

Almonds in shell

Naked Foods
7-310 Oxford St
Bondi Junction
(02) 9387 4935
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