Review: Sample Coffee (St Peters)

Sample Coffee is a coffee roster with locations in Surry Hills and St Peters. We visited the latter, which is walking distance from where we live. It is located in a newish industrial/commercial complex in the middle of nothingness. The cafe is large, modern and spacious, with simple modern wooden furniture very pleasing to my eye.

Sample Coffee

Regular coffees are made with their Pacemaker blend, which is great, but you can also choose one of the available specials for a few extra cents. My filter coffee from El Salvador was excellent, and I’m enjoying the bag of Pacemaker ($14 for 250g) that I bought for home.

Piccolo latte, filter coffee, almond milk latte

Piccolo latte ($4), large batch filter coffee ($4.20), almond milk latte ($4 + $1 for the milk)

Food-wise, you will find toast (sourdough or gluten-free), porridge, eggs or avo and feta on toast, sandwiches, etc. We tried the

smoked trout and poached egg served on two toasted slices of Nonie‚Äôs gluten free charcoal bread, goat’s cheese and ricotta, watercress, fresh herbs and lemon dressing. The bread is incredible, and the whole combo just works.

Smoked trout and poached egg on Nonie's gluten-free charcoal bread

Smoked trout and poached egg ($17)

If you’re after a more substantial meal, there are a couple of bowls on offer that can be ordered as a half bowl ($11) or full bowl ($15). We tried the one with charred broccoli, roasted carrots, white bean, Brussel sprouts, pickled radish, wild rice, vinaigrette and fresh herbs. We ordered it with the recommended side of roast lamb (other options are 12 hour beef brisket, free range ham off the bone, avocado, smoked trout and free-range poached egg). I really enjoyed this dish and agree that lamb was the perfect protein to go along with the flavours. The serving size was decent but not huge, so if you have a healthy appetite the $4 difference between bowl sizes will be totally worth spending.

Charred broccoli bowl with roast lamb

Full bowl broccoli ($15) + roast lamb ($7)

There are also several sweet treats on display, including pastries and giant cookies. The orange cake was the only gluten-free option the day we visited.

Gluten-free orange cake

Gluten-free orange cake ($4)

The Bottom Line
Coffee: 4/5, great coffee, a few daily specials, almond milk available
Food: 4.5/5, great food, Nonie’s gluten-free bread, gluten-free and vegetarian options available
Service: 4/5, service

Sample Coffee St Peters
1.03/75 Mary St
St Peters NSW 2044
(02) 9517 3963
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Copper Cafe

Review: Copper Cafe (St Peters)

We have moved. Again. Even though we’re not far away from our last place, this is a great excuse to getting to know our new locals. Our housemate got us decent coffee from here the day after moving, so I decided it was worth trying the food as well.

We each had a second almond milk latte to fill up the caffeine tank in preparation for the day ahead.

Almond milk lattes

Almond milk lattes ($4 each)

Alvaro had his eyes set on the Big Brekkie, which comes with 2 poached eggs, bacon, chorizo, roasted mushrooms, tomato, hash brown and sourdough. They don’t have gluten-free bread, so we ordered ours without toast. Keep in mind that the chorizo and hash brown are not gluten-free, so ask for a substitution if you are highly reactive to gluten. I was fine with the chorizo and didn’t eat the hash brown.

Big breakfast

Big Brekkie ($16.50)

We also tried the Eggs Benedict, which are served with smoked salmon instead of the traditional ham. Again, we ordered this without bread. I was happy to see that they didn’t skimp on the spinach. The radish slices definitely added to the looks and texture of the dish.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict ($16.50)

Other gluten-free options include the breakfast omelette and some lunch dishes, such as the grilled chicken salad. Just ask the friendly staff.

Being a small cafe, Copper offers baked treats to grab and go with your morning coffee, and also a variety of juices.

Baked treats

The Bottom Line
Coffee: 3/5, almond milk available
Food: 3.5/5, regular cafe fare, gluten-free options not labelled on the menu but meals can be adapted
Service: 4/5, happy to accommodate customer requests, responsive on Facebook

Copper Cafe
29 May St
St Peters NSW 2044
(02) 9519 4286
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Good Eddy

Review: Good Eddy (Orange NSW)

Another great coffee in Orange. Although I’ve found coffee tends to be more expensive than in Sydney, I haven’t had a bad coffee yet (fingers crossed!).

Good Eddy

This is a nice little cafe set up at the front of some sort of fashion shop which I was clearly not interested in. I went with the hopes of trying one of their “soup of the day” for lunch, but unfortunately they only have toasties and the like on weekends.


They also have several sweet treats on offer, including a GF brownie that unfortunately I didn’t try.


I did have a great filter coffee served with all the corresponding paraphernalia. Worth ordering “to have here”, IMO.

Filter coffee

Filter coffee ($4)

You can also buy beans to take home and brew your own.


Good Eddy
187 Lords Pl
Orange NSW 2800
(02) 6361 7379
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Factory Espresso

Review: Factory Espresso (Orange NSW)

Factory Espresso is a cool kid-friendly cafe not far away from the centre of Orange. They use the local Bills beans, which you can also buy for home, and offer the usual breakfast and lunch suspects. Not a lot of GF options, though.


My long black was great, had the right size and fair price.

Factory Espresso

Factory Espresso

Long black ($3.50)

Factory Espresso
135 Kite Street
Orange NSW 2800
(02) 6360 2858
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Review: Cuckoo Callay bacon festival (Newtown)

It is not news now that the guys at Cuckoo Callay (i.e. the coffee shop by the Newtown Train Station) are running a Bacon Festival, meaning they have an entire menu dedicated to the deliciousness or pork. Besides the odd person who admitted to me she doesn’t like bacon (hi Michelle) and several angry vegos protesting on the cafe’s Facebook page, the festival has achieved the objective of attracting masses of customers. So much so that we had to go elsewhere on the first weekend because they had ran out of bacon.

Bacon festival menu

When we finally made it we were lucky to skip the waiting list because there was a free table for our party size. We still had to wait a considerable amount of time to get our food. I waited while sipping on a cold drip (okay, two), while Alvaro tried one of the festival beverages: Smokey Bourbon Bacon with fresh apple juice. Great drink!

Cold drip

Cold drip

Smokey Bourbon Bacon with fresh apple juice

Smokey Bourbon Bacon with fresh apple juice ($12)

We shared Bacon All the Rules (Black Forest Smokehouse maple bacon, bourbon bacon, bacon steak, bacon sausage and bacon-crumbed poached eggs served on GF bread) and Bacon, Get in Ma Belly (pork belly with sticky sweet chilli and fennel seed sauce with bacon, caper, coriander and lime salad). Both were great, although I liked the first one better. Fortunately one of our friends left some crunchy pork belly pieces on his plate, which served as an on-the-go snack/dessert.

Bacon All the Rules

Bacon All the Rules ($24)

Bacon, Get in Ma Belly

Bacon, Get in Ma Belly ($20)

The Bacon Festival ends in the beginning of May, so hurry up!

Cuckoo Callay
324 B, Newtown Railway Station
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 8084 5383
Bacon Festival

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Review: Brew Collective (Sydney CBD)

This is almost literally a hole in the wall on Kent Street, very close to my office. I’ve tried my two usual beverages: cold drip and long black, and both have been awesome. This is definitely my favourite coffee shop close to work. Service is friendly and quick (at least when I’ve been there).

Brew Collective

They do food, too: some pre-prepared salads, sandwiches/wraps and pastries.



Brew Collective
Shop 2, LG, 1 Margaret Street Sydney (enter via Kent Street)
Sydney, Australia
0404 997 675
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Product review: Campos dark city coldpress coffee

Cold drip/cold brewed coffee is my new thing. I enjoy the smooth taste and less acidic character, compared to long blacks. Last time I was in Campos I noticed they had bottled coldpress coffee in black and milk varieties ($5). I haven’t tried the milk one but the black is pretty good. It is bit less diluted than others I’ve tried, so you can add some ice without watering it too much.

Campos cold press

I think you can only buy the bottles in their cafes, but will keep an eye out in case they start selling the online.

Campos Newtown
193 Missenden Road
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9516 3361

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Review: Campos Coffee cupping session

My great sister gave me a gift voucher for a coffee cupping session in Campos for my birthday. She knows me very well.

I attended the session in my local branch (Newtown). The session is held upstairs, in a dark room with lights directed to the bar table where the magic happens. Each person has in front of them 5 latte glasses with different varieties of ground coffee. Cupping is essentially like wine tasting, only that coffee possesses many more aromatic compounds than wine.

The green beans differ in size depending on the climatic conditions.

Green beans

The session starts with us smelling a commercial “flat” coffee. You can totally tell the difference in complexity with Campos’ specialty coffees.


After smelling, water below boiling point is poured in the glasses and the coffees are left to brew.


A “crust” forms atop the coffee.



When the brewing process is over, we grab a spoon and “break” the “crust”, coming close to the glass in order to capture the smells. Then the experts remove the crust and we’re finally ready for cupping.

Ready for cupping

The actual cupping consists in taking a spoonful of coffee and slurping it vigorously so that it sprays inside your mouth. Not glamourous, I know. You can spit it in the provided paper cup (wine tasting-style) or just drink it. Two glasses of water are provided to rinse the spoon between coffees.


It was interesting to try coffees that differed so much between them. At the end of the session, the varietal and origin were revealed. I wasn’t surprised to learn that my least favourites came from Africa, and my favourites from Latin America. We received a bag of beans of our favourite coffee from the session.

Coffee bags

You can learn more about cupping sessions in Campos’ website (below).

Campos Newtown
193 Missenden Road
Newtown NSW
(02) 9516 3361

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Review: Paleo Cafe (Bondi Junction) (2)

My second visit to Paleo Cafe was a Sunday family breakfast. We started with some drinks: a green detox juice (celery, cucumber, kale, kiwi and lime) for me, a long black for Gladys and an iced coffee (made with CocoLuscious ice cream) for Alvaro. Didn’t get to try the hot coffee but both the juice and the iced coffee were great.

Green detox ($7)

Long black ($3.50)

Iced coffee ($7.50)

Alvaro also got one of the treats from the counter to share while we waited for our meals to be served.

Treat ($3?)

Needless to say, the breakfast menu here is the complete opposite to the norm. Usually there are just one or two paleo-friendly options but here we were spoilt for choice. If only we had bigger stomachs (or a larger family). We ordered three dishes to share. First, the zucchini & kale fritters, served with crispy bacon strips and sweet chilli onion jam. These were taller and fluffier than regular fritters (not complaining!), delicious especially when paired with the bacon and the jam.

Zucchini & Kale Fritters ($12)

Next we ate the caveman’s big breakfast: free range eggs cooked to your liking (we had them poached), served with sirloin steak, crispy bacon, pork sausage, wild mushrooms, roast cherry tomato, red onion and spinach on Paleo toast with Paleo tomato sauce. It sounds huge and it is indeed big and filling, but not humongous. The mushrooms were a bit watery but overall it was a great brekkie dish.

Caveman’s Big Breakfast ($20)

Finally we had the breakfast special: banana bread French toast & bacon, served with banana & maple syrup. Great stuff, but it would be too sweet to have a whole serving for breakfast IMO.

Breakfast special ($16)

On a second breakfast visit I had half of a breakfast fritatta that was great. “Containing” the egg mixture in bacon is a great idea that I may copy just to use my abandoned muffin trays.

Breakfast fritatta ($4.50)

My “real” breakfast was double smoked bacon and free range eggs served with spinach and a sweet potato rosti, plus Hollandaise sauce on the side. Great bacon, perfectly poached eggs, great sauce and nicely flavoured sweet potato rosti.

Double smoked bacon and free range eggs ($16 + $0.50 for the Hollandaise sauce)

Bonnie ordered something totally different to her usual breakfast fare: banana pancakes served with berry compote and whipped coconut cream, with a side of bacon. Yeah, really. The serving was massive and the whole thing was delicious, except that was way too much sugar for someone who doesn’t eat a conventional diet. Probably best for sharing between a few people or after a very demanding workout.

Banana pancakes ($13 + $4 for the double smoked bacon)

Paleo Cafe
Shop 5, 310-330 Oxford St
Bondi Junction NSW 2022
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Review: Paleo Cafe (Bondi Junction)

Paleo Cafe finally has opened a shop in Sydney! The franchise originated in Cairns and is growing rather quickly, for a non-mainstream chain.

This and other similar cafes make it easy for people who find it challenging to choose paleo options when eating out.

Paleo Cafe

Apart from food to eat in, they also sell pantry products (nut flours, coconut products, bars, etc.), books, sweet treats, takeaway meals, coconut ice cream, etc.

Pantry products

Flours, biltong, etc.



Chilled products

The first time I went for lunch with my friends Bonnie and Vicky. We kicked things off with almond milk lattes.

Almond milk latte

Latte ($3.50 + $0.75 for the almond milk)

Almond milk latte

Latte ($3.50 + $0.75 for the almond milk)

There’s a board with drink specials that sound great (yes, they make Bulletproof coffee) but I was saving stomach room for the food.

Drinks specials

Vicky had the pistachio & coconut crusted ocean fish, served with seasonal greens and chilli capsicum jam.

Pistachio & coconut crusted ocean fish

Pistachio & coconut crusted ocean fish ($20)

Bonnie and I shared the fish and the slow roasted pork belly, served with roast root vegetables, green beans, baked apple and a sage and balsamic glaze. The fish was nice, although a bit bland. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed with the tasty jam. The pork belly was definitely our favourite. The meat was perfectly seasoned and cooked, and the dish as a whole worked perfectly.

Slow roasted pork belly

Slow roasted pork belly ($18)

We also shared a serve of sweet potato chips with lemon aioli. Now, from what I understand, these chips are baked and not deep-fried (also obviously not coated in flour) so they’re not crunchy. I think they make the aioli with olive oil, which makes it thinner than commercial mayonnaise-based sauces (which usually contain thickeners) so it’s on the thin side as well. Having said that, the fries were great.

Sweet potato chips with lemon aioli

Sweet potato chips with lemon aioli ($5)

Finally, we shared a slice of orange-almond cake and a couple of dark chocolate truffles. The cake was moist and dense, not too sweet and very citrusy. The truffles were very nice, too. The sweets disappeared before I could take a photo, so I don’t need to say how good they were.

Paleo Cafe
Shop 5, 310-330 Oxford St
Bondi Junction NSW 2022
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