The End of King Cafe

Review: The End of King Cafe (Newtown)

This venue, located close to St Peters station, has been the home of a few different businesses in the time we’ve lived in Sydney. I’m not sure how long The End of King has been here but it sure gets good reviews.

I gotta be honest and say that, besides the reviews, we came for the free wifi. Fortunately, food, drinks and service were great.

I had a macchiato for a change, which didn’t disappoint. I also tried Alvaro’s pineapple and mint frappé which was refreshing and not too sweet.


Macchiato ($3.50)

Pineapple and mint frappé

Pineapple and mint frappé ($6)

We ordered a couple of dishes from the specials menu, the chorizo stack (grilled chorizo, Black Forest bacon, scrambled egg with chilli and feta, avocado salsa on toast) and Sal’s Brekkie (sautéed mushrooms with kale, free range poached eggs, goat cheese, almond and hazelnut dukkah, polenta chips & toast). Both normally come with white sourdough and there’s a (small, from memory) fee to swap for gluten-free toast.

Chorizo stack

Chorizo stack ($17.90)

Both meals were great and very filling. If I had to pick a favourite, I’d go with the chorizo stack just because it was lighter on the carbs.

Sal's Brekkie

Sal’s Brekkie ($18.90)

Looking forward to trying more dishes, especially the salads and the coffee frappé.

The End of King

The End of King Cafe
609-611 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 8021 3486
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Stoneground Espresso

Review: Stoneground Espresso (Enmore)


The premises previously occupied by Bravo Coffee are now home of Stoneground Espresso, a clean modern space offering great (slightly expensive?) brews.


The minimalist menu reads: “Filter $5-10, Black $4, White $4”. There are a few croissants and cookies the size of my face, but it’s clear the main focus here is coffee.

Their cold drip is excellent, as is their service. It’s also a cool place to hang out, and I really appreciate the fact that there’s virtually no food, because it takes the pressure off.

Cold drip

Cold drip ($5)

There’s a variety of beans to take home, as well as Aeropress and other gadgets.

Coffee bags

An old roasting machine, which I think was there since the Bravo days, is the main decoration in the uncluttered cafe.


Stoneground Espresso
177 Enmore Rd
Enmore NSW 2042

Bondi Wholefoods

Review: Bondi Wholefoods (Surry Hills)

This is one of the many healthy Bondi cafes that triggered food envy every time I saw its dishes pictured on Instagram. A while ago I learned they had opened a shop in Surry Hills but the other thousand things occupying my mind wiped that fact out of my memory until last week. Turns out the Surry Hills shop is a short stroll away from where we practice Krav Maga.

Bondi Wholefoods

The shop is huge and includes a grocery store, the cafe, and a section with ready-made takeaway meals.


As you can imagine, I suffer from severe FOMO every time I visit a wholefoods cafe like this one. I finally decided to order the green longevity bowl even though I’m always suspicious of catchy phrases like that. However, once I read the entire description: “nutritious superfood kale & avocado, dressed in garlic, chilli, lemon and olive oil, twice baked cumin sweet potato, tricoloured quinoa, sea vegetables, sautéed miso mushrooms, fresh baby spinach, turmeric cashew cream, two gooey poached eggs, fermented veggies and fresh watercress”, I realised this meal could very well extend my life if I ate it every day. There are a few options for extra protein: free range crispy ham (my choice), smoked salmon, beef sausage or ocean trout.

Green longevity bowl

Green longevity bowl ($21.90) + free range crispy ham ($6)

Because it was too late for me to have second coffee, I ordered a turmeric latte made with organic turmeric and coconut milk, a perfect caffeine-free, anti-inflammatory beverage.

Turmeric latte

Turmeric latte ($4.50)

Alvaro had lunch elsewhere but couldn’t resist ordering an açaí smoothie, of which I had a few sips mouthfuls as the perfect end to my meal.

Açaí smoothie

Acai smoothie ($10.90)

Looking forward to trying more dishes, including their signature paleo bread.

Bondi Wholefoods

Bondi Wholefoods
517 Elizabeth St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9300 6776

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Higher Ground

Review: Higher Ground (Melbourne CBD)

I caught up with my sister for a last breakfast in Melbourne before flying back to Sydney. Up until then I was under the impression that the only options near Southern Cross station on a weekend were fast food-type eateries but I was wrong. Higher Ground sits right across the road from the station, opens on weekends, and has fabulous food.

Yes, yes, the place is a little too hipster for my taste but service is friendly, which is what matters the most to me.

Open kitchen

We were not super hungry thanks to the substantial dinner we had at Supernormal the night before, so we decided to order just one dish to share. Once again our telepathic powers collided and there was no need to negotiate. The chosen dish was minced lamb fry up with eggplant, fried eggs, pickled rhubarb, smoked yoghurt, pine nut dukkah and possibly the best gluten-free bread I’ve ever had (which is made on premises, by the way). The bread was so good that my clever sister ordered some butter to enjoy the full experience. I don’t mean to sound like the bread was the highlight of the dish; it was all good.

Minced lamb fry up eggplant, fried eggs, pickled rhubarb, smoked yoghurt, pine nut dukkah, sourdough

Minced lamb fry up ($20)

I could tell they have the knowledge and the craft when it comes to coffee but the floral tones just didn’t click with me. Perhaps it was the method (I ordered a batch brew), or maybe it just wasn’t my cup of tea (bad pun intended).

Batch brew

Batch brew ($4)

For people who can tolerate gluten there are several great-looking pastries on offer. It might be a good idea to grab a few before catching the Skybus.


Higher Ground
650 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 8899 6219

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The Grain Store

Review: The Grain Store (Melbourne CBD)

I recently went to Melbourne to attend a nutrition conference. It was a great opportunity to catch up with the local sangha, a couple of old friends and, of course, my sister. We managed to squeeze in a few meals, starting with breakfast on her day off work. The chosen spot was Grain Store purely based on Google ratings and convenient location.

Despite its name, this cafe is gluten-free friendly. Some dishes are inherently gluten-free, some can be easily modified by swapping the toast. It was good to know that my sister and I still have the same taste, and thus is easy to order dishes to share. But first, coffee. They do a great cold drip served on top of coffee ice cubes. Genius.

Cold drip

Cold drip ($4)

I loved both of the dishes we ordered, especially the portobello mushroom and Gruyère potato rösti with poached eggs, spinach leaves and hazelnut hollandaise, which combined several of my favourite ingredients. The serving was huge, so consider sharing or bringing a container to take leftovers home.

Portobello mushroom and Gruyere potato rösti

Portobello mushroom and Gruyere potato rosti ($18)

The chorizo & Manchego omelette with orange cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, harissa aioli and gluten-free toast was also very tasty huge meal. Also great for sharing or for big appetites (perfect for a post-workout breakfast, for example).

Chorizo & Manchego omelette

Chorizo & Manchego omelette ($21)

If you’re in the CBD come for food and/or coffee, it’s all good.

The Grain Store
517 Flinders Ln
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9972 6993
On Facebook

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Sub-station Cafe

Review: Sub-station Cafe (Alexandria)

Even though this cafe is conveniently located close to the gym we had only visited once for a pre-workout meal: coffee (for me) and a GF brownie (for Alvaro). Okay, I admit I had a few bites of the brownie. I made a mental note to come back for a proper meal, which happened last weekend.

I’m boring when it comes to beverages. Or should I say I always order the same to be able to compare establishments? Either way, my long black was good: not too strong and not too cold.

Long black

Long black ($3.50)

Alvaro had an açaí smoothie with banana and coconut water. I had a few sips and it was great and pleasantly thick.

Acai smoothie

Açaí smoothie ($8.50)

Meals are served on chopping boards, which is one of those trends that people feel strongly about (both ways). I don’t really care as long as the food is good. The Sub-Station breakfast comes with 2 free-range eggs (we had them poached), sumac bacon, chunky Mediterranean salad, avocado smash (ours was definitely not smashed), natural yoghurt infused with halva and roasted almonds (ours had strawberries), tomato relish served with toast (ours was gluten-free) and butter. Huge meal for breakfast, more appropriate for brunch or lunch IMO. Even though some of the elements were not exactly as described, we loved it.

Sub-station breakfast

Sub-station breakfast ($18.50)

Our other shared dish was one of the day’s specials: Kaskaval eggs with pan-roast tomato, kaskaval being a Bulgarian cow and/or sheep milk cheese. The dish comes piping hot in a small paella-style pan with a side cabbage salad, toast (we requested gluten-free) and butter. Good tasting dish and a nice alternative to shashuka for those who find it too spicy or who prefer a meatless version.

Kaskaval eggs with roast tomato

Kaskaval eggs with pan-roast tomato ($16.50)

Sub-station Cafe
124 McEvoy St
Alexandria NSW 2015
(02) 9557 9868
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Review: Left Bower (Sutherland)

Last weekend I caught up with my friend Natalie (check out her holistic nutrition website) to talk about life, placement, diet experiments and her latest exciting project: The Holistic Nutritionists podcast.

I was meant to go to her neck of the woods (Cronulla), which I was excited about given the vast array of healthy cafes down there, but there were trackworks going on. Instead, I got off the train in Sutherland and we had brunch in a nearby cafe which is apparently popular among local cyclists.

I apologise in advance for being so slack in this review… I did not get photos of the menu hence the vague meal descriptions and absence of prices. All I know is we had a good chat and a good meal. I would definitely go back if I was in the area.

I had a long black for a change, which was on the short side. Not a bad thing when it’s a bit chilly outside and you want to finish your coffee while it’s still reasonably hot.

Long black

Long black

I ordered the pork, fennel & apple sausages with smashed sweet potato, poached egg, sauerkraut and GF toast. The generous serving of sauerkraut and wholegrain mustard made the meal taste very familiar to me. The serving was pretty big, but I did manage to polish it off.

Pork, fennel & apple sausages

Pork, fennel & apple sausages with smashed sweet potato, poached egg, sauerkraut and GF toast

Nat ordered a vegetarian brekkie with roasted pumpkin, chickpeas & poached egg on GF toast, which normally comes with tahini dressing. It looked like a great hearty vego option.

Roasted pumpkin, chickpeas & poached egg

Roasted pumpkin, chickpeas & poached egg on GF toast

My only suggestion would be to serve the GF toast on the side, as it gets way more soggy than regular toast when it’s served at the bottom of the plate.

Left Bower
1 Adelong St
Sutherland NSW 2232
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Bills Beans

Review: Bills Beans (East Orange NSW)

Lazy Sunday mornings call for late breakfast at cool cafes. I hadn’t ventured to East Orange just yet so it was about time to visit Bills Beans. I already knew their coffee was great because I had sampled it at Factory Espresso. Now it was time to sample the food. They do sandwiches and other gluten-full things that are easy to serve and can’t be altered as per the warning in the menu but they also have some gluten-free options that looked just as great.


The tiny cafe was packed so we were willing to seat out in the cold but fortunately we were informed there was more seating inside.

Back room seating

We started with a long black (aka my usual) and an almond milk latte for Alvaro.

Long black, almond milk latte

Long black ($3.90), almond milk latte ($4.40?)

We ordered the 2 frittatas available on the day, both gluten-free and served with salad, one with roasted vegetables and the other with salmon, potato & dill. Both were awesome, with the perfect texture (unlike many rubbery frittatas out there) and with great flavour.

Roast vegetable frittata

Roasted vegetable frittata ($11)

Baked salmon, potato & dill frittata

Salmon, potato & dill frittata ($11)

We also ordered a slice of the orange, polenta & almond cake. By “we” I mean Alvaro, although I did eat a good chunk of the tasty moist treat, not without ordering an espresso to cut down the sweetness.

Orange, almond & polenta cake

Orange, polenta & almond cake ($6.50)

Bills Beans
148 McLachlan St
Orange NSW 2800
(02) 6361 1611
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The Agrestic Grocer

Review: The Agrestic Grocer (Orange NSW)

My friends from Sydney happened to be in the area last weekend so we caught up for brunch. Given they were driving, I thought it would be a good idea to go visit The Agrestic Grocer, which is a few minutes drive out of town. It turned out to be a great family-friendly venue. As it name implies, this is primarily a grocer focusing on outstanding local produce and products, including breads, preserves, wine, and beer.




But we were there for brunch, not shopping! The indoor dining room was fully booked, so we headed outside initially just for coffee. We ended up staying there, warmed by an outdoor heater and our heavy jackets, the telltale sign that we’re from Sydney.

Agrestic Grocer

My first coffee was a great long black, served in a cup (hot drinks are also available in mugs).

Long black

Long black ($3.50)

The menu is not huge but it had enough great-looking options to make me struggle with decisions. I finally ordered the local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah on gluten-free bread and added Trunkey Ck bacon and a Small Acres cider & garlic sausage. The meal as a whole was quite good, but the bacon deserves a special mention. It came as a large pile of shaved porky goodness and tasted like good bacon should taste: not overly salty nor overly processed.

Local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah on GF toast plus bacon and sausage

Local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah ($15.50) on gluten-free bread ($2.00) + Trunkey Ck bacon ($6.00) + cider & garlic sausage ($4.50)

Here’s another version of the local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah, this time served on Rise Woodfired sourdough as listed on the menu, plus a Badlands beer & chilli sausage and boston beans.

Local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah on sourdough plus sausage and beans

Local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah ($15.50) + beer & chilli sausage ($4.50) + boston beans ($5.00)

I had a second coffee, this time an almond milk latte (see how almond milk is available pretty much everywhere in Orange?) with a vanilla shot. It was the perfect dessert.

Almond milk latte + vanilla shot

Latte ($4) with almond milk ($0.80) + vanilla shot ($1.00)

The Agrestic Grocer
426 Mitchell Hwy
Orange NSW 2800
(02) 6360 4604
On Facebook

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Scrumptious on Summer

Review: Scrumptious on Summer (Orange NSW)

This is family-owned cafe on the main street in Orange. I had read many good things about their food, but what impressed me the most was their warm customer service.


The menu is great for people looking for gluten- and/or dairy-free alternatives. In fact, it has so many choices that I had a hard time deciding what to order. In the end, I went with one of the blackboard specials: French omelette with veal sausage, speck, sundried tomato, mushrooms & smokey BBQ glaze served with GF toast. The meal was huge, and I decided to eat some of the toast given the generous amount of butter provided. Great meal (although next time I’d order the BBQ sauce on the side) and quite filling.

French omelette

French omelette ($19)

Have a look at the other day specials in the photo below.


They also have a cold display with a variety of sweets, plus muffins and cakes.


Scrumptious on Summer
142/146 Summer St
Orange NSW 2800
(02) 6361 7200
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