Review: Sample Coffee (St Peters)

Sample Coffee is a coffee roster with locations in Surry Hills and St Peters. We visited the latter, which is walking distance from where we live. It is located in a newish industrial/commercial complex in the middle of nothingness. The cafe is large, modern and spacious, with simple modern wooden furniture very pleasing to my eye.

Sample Coffee

Regular coffees are made with their Pacemaker blend, which is great, but you can also choose one of the available specials for a few extra cents. My filter coffee from El Salvador was excellent, and I’m enjoying the bag of Pacemaker ($14 for 250g) that I bought for home.

Piccolo latte, filter coffee, almond milk latte

Piccolo latte ($4), large batch filter coffee ($4.20), almond milk latte ($4 + $1 for the milk)

Food-wise, you will find toast (sourdough or gluten-free), porridge, eggs or avo and feta on toast, sandwiches, etc. We tried the

smoked trout and poached egg served on two toasted slices of Nonie’s gluten free charcoal bread, goat’s cheese and ricotta, watercress, fresh herbs and lemon dressing. The bread is incredible, and the whole combo just works.

Smoked trout and poached egg on Nonie's gluten-free charcoal bread

Smoked trout and poached egg ($17)

If you’re after a more substantial meal, there are a couple of bowls on offer that can be ordered as a half bowl ($11) or full bowl ($15). We tried the one with charred broccoli, roasted carrots, white bean, Brussel sprouts, pickled radish, wild rice, vinaigrette and fresh herbs. We ordered it with the recommended side of roast lamb (other options are 12 hour beef brisket, free range ham off the bone, avocado, smoked trout and free-range poached egg). I really enjoyed this dish and agree that lamb was the perfect protein to go along with the flavours. The serving size was decent but not huge, so if you have a healthy appetite the $4 difference between bowl sizes will be totally worth spending.

Charred broccoli bowl with roast lamb

Full bowl broccoli ($15) + roast lamb ($7)

There are also several sweet treats on display, including pastries and giant cookies. The orange cake was the only gluten-free option the day we visited.

Gluten-free orange cake

Gluten-free orange cake ($4)

The Bottom Line
Coffee: 4/5, great coffee, a few daily specials, almond milk available
Food: 4.5/5, great food, Nonie’s gluten-free bread, gluten-free and vegetarian options available
Service: 4/5, service

Sample Coffee St Peters
1.03/75 Mary St
St Peters NSW 2044
(02) 9517 3963
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Aslan Coffee

Review: Aslan Coffee (St Peters)

Continuing with our exploration of our new neighbourhood, we visited this coffee micro brewery for lunch. It rates well in reviews everywhere and they seem serious about their beans.

Aslan Coffee

The coffee comes from Indonesia and is light and soft. Keep this in mind if you like your coffee strong.

Chai latte, long black

Chai latte ($3.5) + almond milk ($1), long black ($3.5)

The menu also features Indonesian items like the perkedel (Indonesian style potato croquette), Aunty Mei’s pork satay and Tempeh Orek burger. The rest of the menu mixes standard cafe fare with some North American influences, such as huevos rancheros and pulled pork burgers. Danish feta and chipotle aioli appear multiple times in the menu.

We ordered from the breakfast menu, which is available all days on weekends. The peppercorn hot smoked salmon with pan-fried perkedel, chipotle aioli, poached eggs, sesame seeds & fresh greens had a great flavour.

Peppercorn hot smoked salmon

Peppercorn hot smoked salmon ($18.5)

We ordered the green eggs omelette, a herby spinach omelette with semi-dried tomatoes, avocado, Danish feta cheese, pine nuts & side of chilli pesto with extra Spanish chorizo. Although I like my eggs less cooked, the omelette was good and very filling.

Green eggs omelette

Green eggs omelette ($17.50) + spanish chorizo ($3.5)

Other healthy options in the menu I noticed are the avocado boconcini salad ($12.5, with grilled chicken for $5 extra) and the roast vegetables salad ($15.5, with pulled pork for $4 extra). It’s also good to keep in mind that gluten-free toast is available for $2 extra.

The Bottom Line
Coffee: 3.5/5, good coffee but very delicate. Almond milk available.
Food: 3.5/5, plenty of vegetarian options (with vegan option available on most of them), some gluten-free options.
Service: 3.5/5, good service.

Aslan Coffee
1 Council St
St Peters NSW 2044
0488 827 526
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Copper Cafe

Review: Copper Cafe (St Peters)

We have moved. Again. Even though we’re not far away from our last place, this is a great excuse to getting to know our new locals. Our housemate got us decent coffee from here the day after moving, so I decided it was worth trying the food as well.

We each had a second almond milk latte to fill up the caffeine tank in preparation for the day ahead.

Almond milk lattes

Almond milk lattes ($4 each)

Alvaro had his eyes set on the Big Brekkie, which comes with 2 poached eggs, bacon, chorizo, roasted mushrooms, tomato, hash brown and sourdough. They don’t have gluten-free bread, so we ordered ours without toast. Keep in mind that the chorizo and hash brown are not gluten-free, so ask for a substitution if you are highly reactive to gluten. I was fine with the chorizo and didn’t eat the hash brown.

Big breakfast

Big Brekkie ($16.50)

We also tried the Eggs Benedict, which are served with smoked salmon instead of the traditional ham. Again, we ordered this without bread. I was happy to see that they didn’t skimp on the spinach. The radish slices definitely added to the looks and texture of the dish.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict ($16.50)

Other gluten-free options include the breakfast omelette and some lunch dishes, such as the grilled chicken salad. Just ask the friendly staff.

Being a small cafe, Copper offers baked treats to grab and go with your morning coffee, and also a variety of juices.

Baked treats

The Bottom Line
Coffee: 3/5, almond milk available
Food: 3.5/5, regular cafe fare, gluten-free options not labelled on the menu but meals can be adapted
Service: 4/5, happy to accommodate customer requests, responsive on Facebook

Copper Cafe
29 May St
St Peters NSW 2044
(02) 9519 4286
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Review: Eat Me Primal (St Peters)

Most people know that in order to eat healthy it’s generally a good idea to cook the bulk of your meals at home. The problem is that planning, shopping and preparing is time-consuming and, let’s face it, not fun for everyone. That’s why meal delivery services are becoming popular these days, specially those targeted to the fitness crowd.

Eat Me Primal started their operations recently, offering delicious paleo/primal meals cooked with top quality sustainable ingredients. The meals are ordered by an online form and (at this stage) picked up from Primal NRG Fitness gym in St Peters. Because the whole point is saving time while nourishing your body with healthy food, you order multiple meals at a time. And here’s the best part: the more you order, the less you pay per meal. Half of the meals are ready for you to pick up on Mondays, half on Thursdays. That way you have fairly fresh food all week long.

These are the mouth-watering dishes that are currently offered:

  • Grilled garlic and black pepper rump steak, pumpkin and broccoli
  • Slow cooked balsamic beef short ribs with sautéed purple cabbage, onion and green apple
  • Slow cooked lamb and pumpkin curry with “cauliflower rice”
  • Bacon wrapped chicken thighs with sweet potato, broccoli and green beans
  • Indian spiced lamb meatballs with baked sweet potato, sautéed kale and tomato based sauce

Go ahead and check out their Facebook page to see photos of the meals, as well as the complete ingredients lists.

Owners Ray and Lucy held a few taste tests recently. I was invited to one of them, with mixed paleo and non-paleo attendance. We all absolutely loved the food and we all pretty much agreed in our favourites, which are included in the current menu.

My favourites were the balsamic ribs and the lamb & pumpkin curry, followed closely by the bacon-wrapped chicken thighs. Not only the main protein sources were delicious, but the sides were also very tasty and perfectly cooked (i.e. not raw, not mushy).

Balsamic ribs

Balsamic ribs

Lamb & pumpkin curry

Lamb & pumpkin curry

Bacon-wrapped chicken thighs

Bacon-wrapped chicken thighs

I’ll leave you with the photos of the meals that are not (yet?) in the menu, to whet your appetite:

Primal burger

Primal burger

Spiced meatballs

Spiced meatballs

Spiced pork loin

Spiced pork loin

We were treated to the perfect dessert to match the wonderful flavours we had enjoyed: paleo banana bread served with grass-fed butter and 85% dark chocolate.

Banana bread

Banana bread

Eat Me Primal
Primal NRG Fitness
17 May St
St Peters NSW 2044
Ray 0421 440 838
Lucy 0487 992 234
On Facebook

Review: Yiamas Greek Taverna (St Peters)

I’ve usually celebrated my birthday at home, but my current shortage of resources (time & money) meant this year it was best to eat out. Several months ago Al and I went indoor climbing and I noticed a Greek restaurant in our way back home, close to Sydney Park. We didn’t go in because we felt under-dressed for the place. It didn’t look that fancy but our sweaty workout outfits were more suitable for a takeaway kinda deal.

A few weeks later I saw Helen’s post about that very same restaurant and I knew I had to add it to my wishlist. Finally I got to try Yiamas Greek Taverna on my birthday.

Bonnie, Gladys, Al and I shared a bunch of dishes, which I was allowed to choose. First came a large Greek salad, fresh, tasty, and good-sized.

Greek salad

Greek salad ($18.50 large)

Next came the chargrilled octopus, which wasn’t the most tender I’ve had, but it was tasty for sure.

Chargrilled octopus

Chargrilled octopus ($18.50)

Next was something I usually look for in menus: sweet breads (glykadia in Greek). The tasty little morsels had been pan-fried to achieve a golden, almost crunchy exterior which contrasted with their soft texture.


Glykadia ($16.50)

Two kondosouvli plates, with meat from spit roast, completed our meal. You can choose lamb, pork or chicken, we opted for a bit of everything. Each plate costed $21.90 and was worth every cent. The meats were super tender and flavourful, perhaps a little heavy on the salt but nothing that couldn’t be washed off with a sip of wine.

Vicky, Andrey and Neil order set menu 1, which at $38 per person turned out to be great value for their money. The meal included Greek salad, tzatziki (yoghurt dip), tarama (roe dip), pan-fried haloumi cheese, loukaniko (grilled spicy sausage), eggplant saganaki (grilled eggplant in tomato & feta), and pork souvlakia from the spit roast served on chips. Appart from stuffed, they looked very happy with the food.

Bread, tzatziki, tarama

Bread, tzatziki, tarama (part of set menu 1)

Eggplant saganaki

Eggplant saganaki (part of set menu 1)


Haloumi (part of set menu 1)


Calamari (part of set menu 1)


Loukaniko (part of set menu 1)

Max ordered lamb souvlakia (skewers) served with 1 dip, pita bread, and salad.


Souvlakia ($26.90)

Jane and Gary ordered the kondosouvli plate for 1, with lamb, pork and/or chicken from the spit roast, served with 1 dip, pita bread, chips, and salad. They also ordered horta, endives in olive oil and lemon, which unfortunately left them uninpressed.

Kondosouvli plate for 1

Kondosouvli plate for 1 (from the spit roast) $28.50


Horta ($11)

Susy and José ordered the kondosouvli plate for 2, same deal as the one Jane and Gary ordered, but twice as big. Needless to say, they couldn’t finish it and were happily assisted by a big Russian.

Kondosouvli plate for 2

Kondosouvli plate for 2 ($53.90)

Although dinner and wine were plentiful, there was still room for birthday cake: a Paleo chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache, topped with fresh blueberries & raspberries. As if the double cream in the ganache was not enough, some of us ate it with more cream on the side.

B'day cake

B’day cake

Yiamas Greek Taverna
1-5 Princes Highway
St Peters NSW 2044
(02) 9517 9492

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