The End of King Cafe

Review: The End of King Cafe (Newtown)

This venue, located close to St Peters station, has been the home of a few different businesses in the time we’ve lived in Sydney. I’m not sure how long The End of King has been here but it sure gets good reviews.

I gotta be honest and say that, besides the reviews, we came for the free wifi. Fortunately, food, drinks and service were great.

I had a macchiato for a change, which didn’t disappoint. I also tried Alvaro’s pineapple and mint frappé which was refreshing and not too sweet.


Macchiato ($3.50)

Pineapple and mint frappé

Pineapple and mint frappé ($6)

We ordered a couple of dishes from the specials menu, the chorizo stack (grilled chorizo, Black Forest bacon, scrambled egg with chilli and feta, avocado salsa on toast) and Sal’s Brekkie (sautéed mushrooms with kale, free range poached eggs, goat cheese, almond and hazelnut dukkah, polenta chips & toast). Both normally come with white sourdough and there’s a (small, from memory) fee to swap for gluten-free toast.

Chorizo stack

Chorizo stack ($17.90)

Both meals were great and very filling. If I had to pick a favourite, I’d go with the chorizo stack just because it was lighter on the carbs.

Sal's Brekkie

Sal’s Brekkie ($18.90)

Looking forward to trying more dishes, especially the salads and the coffee frappé.

The End of King

The End of King Cafe
609-611 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 8021 3486
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Belgian Beer Cafe

Review: Belgian Beer Cafe (Sydney CBD)

This is not only a fantastic place to grab a Belgian beer, but also a great place to catch up for dinner, especially if you love mussels. We’re talking about 1kg bowls of mussels in a variety of sauces ranging from European to Asian (all gluten-free), served with hot chips and mayo. We were told one bowl + sides would be enough for us, but we ordered two + a small salad (just because we’re dietitians) and we had no issues polishing them off.

Lobster brandy bisque mussels

Lobster brandy bisque mussels ($30)

The sauces we chose were lobster brandy bisque (vegetables, herbs & bisque sauce) and siam (vegetables, tom yum paste, Asian broth, coconut cream & Thai basil). I thought I’d like the first one better but the Siam was the unanimous winner. Regardless, both were delicious. The chips were great too: not too thin and very crunchy. Oh yeah, nice salad as well.

Siam mussels

Siam mussels ($30)

Small salad, Belgian fries

Small salad ($7), Belgian fries

None of us tried the beers but there’s a huge variety to choose from. If you don’t feel like beer, make sure you ask for the wine list. They had a few sold by the glass, like the Shiraz ($7) and Riesling ($11) one of my friends and I drank on the night.

Belgian Beer Cafe
135 Harrington St
The Rocks NSW 2000
(02) 8488 2460
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Big Daddy's Burger Bar

Review: Big Daddy’s Burger Bar (Newtown)

This is one of the newest burger eateries in Newtown that I was super excited to try when they first opened their doors. Sadly, it seems that they’re having a hard time to keep customers engaged, as they don’t seem to be as busy as other local joints. Expect to find American everything: from furniture to menu items, including Mexican soft drinks (kidding).



We ordered a Who's Ur Daddy, which comes with beef patty & pulled pork, coleslaw, American & Swiss cheese, Canadian bacon, American mustard & mayo. They don’t have GF buns but are happy to serve burgers naked and there’s cutlery available, so no dramas. I can imagine cutlery would be helpful even if you order your burger with a bun, as it can get messy. It was an okay burger, tasty for sure but I’m biased towards higher quality patties.

Who's Ur Daddy

Who's Ur Daddy ($14)

The other burger we shared was a Big Daddy (double/double, i.e. double patty and double cheese) plus extra Canadian maple bacon, pickles and guacamole. Same deal: tasty combo but note the best quality IMO. And don’t get me started on the guacamole. Perhaps these are just not my kind of burgers.

Double + bacon & guacamole

Big Daddy ($11) + Canadian maple bacon ($2) + pickles ($0.60) + guacamole ($2)

Big Daddy’s Burger Bar
227 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9517 4335

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Salmon & Bear

Review: Salmon & Bear (Newtown)

I love fish and I love the fact there’s a new restaurant close to home serving good fish dishes (don’t be deceived by the deer head near the entrance – it goes with the hunting theme but you won’t find venison here).

Salmon & Bear

I also love the fact that they do grizzly plates, in which you can choose your fish, sauce and any 2 sides/salads. When I visited the restaurant with my friend Cat, I ordered a plate with the catch of the day (a mildly flavoured fish with moist white flesh called Alfonsino), peri peri sauce, slaw and roasted veg. Nice fish, good sauce (not spicy but I liked the flavour) and an awesome hearty serve of roasted vegetables that came in a sizzling hot plate. Cat’s plate had tuna, peri peri sauce, coconut rice and corn salsa and looked just as good as mine.

Grizzly plate

Grizzly plate

Grizzly plate ($28)

I left that night wishing I had room to try the salmon poke. Luckily, Salmon & Bear delivers and I took advantage of an UberEats discount to order one on a rainy night. Poke is the Hawaiian version of Japanese sashimi. The Salmon & Bear version has raw cubed salmon in a soy and sesame dressing served with corn salsa and avocado on coconut rice. Sounds good? It was. They also have a tuna poke that has a different dressing but I haven’t tried yet but I’m keen to try next time.

Salmon poké

Salmon poke ($21)

Salmon & Bear
226 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9517 3200
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Kingston Public Bar & Kitchen

Review: Kingston Public Bar & Kitchen (Newtown)


My foodie friend Cat and I hit this bar for a catch-up after I came back from Orange. This small bar had always looked cool to me but for some reason it took me this long to try it out. We ordered some Italian red and a few dishes to share.

The house antipasto board comes with Italian truffle salami, Galloni Gran Reserva 30 month aged prosciutto, wagyu bresaola, sun-dried tomatoes, fior di latte bocconcini, grilled sourdough & grissini. Good combo, although I felt like there was too much bread served even though they knew one of us was not eating any.

Charcuterie board

Antipasto Board ($28.50)

Next came the game board with duck liver paté w/ Grand Marnier jelly, rabbit rillette, potato crisps, berry glaze, cornichons & croutons. I was really looking forward to this board, but somehow it didn’t meet my expectations. Maybe I was expecting too much.

Game platter

Game Board ($28.50)

I really enjoyed the mussels, which were cooked in white wine, butter, capers, preserved lemon & cherry tomatoes, w/ side grilled sourdough.


Mussels ($25.00)

I’m not a big whisky drinker but FYI this place carries a few specialty ones from Tassie.

Kingston Public Bar & Kitchen
62/64 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 8084 4140
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Cafe Paris on King

Review: Cafe Paris on King (Newtown)

One thing that I like about moving house is exploring the eating landscape. Even though we’re back to the area we lived up to 5 years ago, things change all the time. The bakery on the South end of King Street is now a Vietnamese cafe. If you’ve seen my Instagram feed, you know I love Vietnamese food, so this was a must-try in my list.

Cafe Paris On King

They do the typical pork and chicken rolls and fresh juices, but we were more interested in soup and rice paper rolls.

Vietnamese roll station

The prawn rice paper rolls were made on the spot. They had a good ratio of fresh veggies and vermicelli. Not as good as the low-carb soldiers from Roll’d but better than others full of vermicelli.

Prawn rice paper rolls

Prawn rice paper rolls ($5.50)

Although the chicken Pho didn’t have an intense and rich flavour, I really liked it. It was light and tasted fresh, without crazy flavour enhancers.

Chicken Pho

Chicken Pho ($12)

I wish they were open for dinner.

Cafe Paris on King
615 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042

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Flour Drum

Review: Flour Drum (Newtown)

I visited Flour Drum for the first time with a friend just before a road trip to Canberra. We were hungover and still full from the previous night’s (large and late) dinner. We had our second coffee there and regretted not having room for food because we fell in love with the place and the blackboard menu looked enticing.

Cold drip Flour Drum

I thought this might be another case of cafes close to (our new) home that we never get to try, but luckily Alvaro had a weekend off and we treated ourselves to breakfast out.

Flour Drum

Since it’s clear Brickfields bread plays an instrumental role in Flour Drum’s menu, I was afraid of ordering our meals with no bread. Even worse, Alvaro asked if they had gluten-free bread. Luckily, our lovely waitress didn’t have any issues with the request. The corned beef hash with kale and poached egg was my favourite of the two dishes we ordered to share. Besides taste, there’s something very comforting about breakfast hashes even when this wasn’t necessarily made from leftovers.

Corned beef hash

Corned beef hash ($)

The eggs Benedict ticked all the boxes: good ham, good hollandaise, runny yolks.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict ($17.50)

So far I like the food and coffee at Flour Drum. I understand that bread here is the essential component that makes the difference between liking and loving, and I’m cool with that. Looking forward to trying some lunch dishes in the near future.

Flour Drum
531 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9565 2822

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Review: Continental Deli and Bistro (Newtown)

Holy crap, it’s been almost a week since my last post! No, I wasn’t away, it’s just that I have been busy getting older and stuff. My sister invited me for pre-birthday dinner at the brand new Continental Deli and Bistro, the latest (ad)venture of Elvis Abrahanowicz and Joe Valore.


The cold display is full of cheeses and charcuterie and the shelfs stocked with tinned fish and other pantry goodies. Oh yes, let’s not forget the alcohol. Good quality spirits for the old-fashioned cocktails on offer.

Cheeses & charcuterie

Canned goods


We sat right in front of Elvis Abrahanowicz, who heard us speaking in Spanish and helped us choose our meal with his perfect Argentinian accent. We had a assorted meat plate that included prosciutto, sopressa, bresaola, and other delicious charcuterie items, garnished with a few pickled chillies. It normally comes with bread and butter but we were served the gluten-free option, i.e. Spanish potato chips. Very happy with that swap.

Charcurterie plate


Assorted meat plate ($30)

We also wanted some cheese but not a whole platter. Elvis recommended the Lamb chopper made in the US from Dutch sheep milk. It went really well with the meats and I really loved its rich, sharp flavour.

Lamb chopper cheese

Lamb chopper cheese ($10)

As mentioned before, cocktail-wise they stick to a few classics, of which martini (spelled “mar-tinny” because it comes in a branded tin) is my favourite. It was dry and strong, the way I like it, and came with a few olives on the side as garnish. Gladys had a sidecar, made with cognac and orange liqueur. Don’t like cocktails? There are also beers and wines available.


Mar-tinny ($15)


Sidecar ($16)

While we waited for our order I snapped a pic of the assorted (canned) fish plate, which I’d like to try soon.

Fish plate

Assorted fish plate ($30)

Continental Deli and Bistro
210 Australia Street
Newtown NSW 2042

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Review: Luyu & Yum Yum (Newtown)

First I reviewed plant-based food and now dumplings??!! No, I’m not crazy/sick, and I haven’t sold my soul to the devil (mainly because I don’t believe there is a soul, but that’s a topic for another day). When my sis told me about Luyu & Yum Yum and their gluten-free dumplings (thanks, Gladys!), I knew it was the perfect place to have a catch up with uni friends.

We tried the Mr Luyu Herb Dumpling (prawn & chives in rice dough, steamed), Mr Yumyum Fungi Dumpling (king oyster mushroom, Chinese mushroom, fungi, carrot, coriander & celery in rice dough, steamed) and Snow White Dumpling (prawn, asparagus, bamboo shoot & Luyu home-made creamy soup in chrysanthemum infused potato starch dough). Dumplings are served with three sauces (soy, chilli, and vinegar, if I remember correctly).

Mr Yumyum Fungi Dumpling

Mr Yumyum Fungi Dumpling ($10.8)



For the second round (yes, that wasn’t enough for three hungry girls) we got another serve of the herbed prawn dumplings, and my friends shared the the eggplant main dish (not GF, not pictured).

Mr Luyu Herb Dumpling

Mr Luyu Herb Dumpling ($11.8)

Snow white dumpling

Snow White Dumpling ($12.8)

Before I go, I forgot to mention that this place sits in the premises previously occupied by Paju BBQ, once upon a time our favourite Korean in the neighbourhood.

Luyu & Yum Yum
96 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9519 9888

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Review: Grk Souvlaki (Newtown)

Shout out to the Jugernauts for posting a photo of Grk on their Instagram feed. Ironically, I had walked past earlier on the same day but failed to notice the Thai takeaway that used to occupy those premises has moved on to leave room for more exciting eats.


They have souvlaki, they have gyros, they have dips. They have Greek yoghurt for dessert (!). They even have Greek salt on the tables.


Greek salt

They also have friendly and welcoming staff who are always up for a chat in Greek with customers who can speak the language.



We got a couple of lamb souvlaki plates which come with tomato, onions, pita bread and chips, and a 500g serve of pork and chicken gyro meat, which also comes with sliced onions (BTW, you can order just the pork or just the chicken, too). Meats were good, chips were not the crunchiest but that’s understandable because they were sitting below the meat.

Lamb souvlaki

Lamb souvlaki plate ($18)

Pork and chicken gyro meat

Gyro pork and chicken meat ($18)

We also got a Grk traditional salad, one of the best ones I’ve had in a while.

grk traditional salad

Grk traditional salad ($6.50)

The guys at Grk sneaked in a couple of dips in my order: spicy cheese and tzatziki, both chunky and tasty.


Spicy cheese, tzatziki ($5 each)

Grk Souvlaki
Shop 2, 206-208 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
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