Peruvian recipes – the list

It’s Peruvian Independence Day! If I didn’t have so many things on my plate at the moment (figuratively speaking), I would have organised a new Peruvian recipe to post today. But I didn’t, in part because I’m having trouble thinking of Peruvian recipes I’d like to share and haven’t posted yet. Therefore, I decided to make this year’s post a compilation of the Peruvian recipes I have posted. Keep in mind that some of them have been tweaked to accommodate for dietary requirements, so won’t be 100% traditional.

Mixto completo (sort of)
Pan con aceitunas
Salchicha criolla (Peruvian-style pork sausage)
Triples in protein bread

Causa de atún
Cebiche de pulpo y pescado (with seafood from Faros Bros)
Conchitas a la parmesana
Palta rellena con camarones (stuffed avocado with prawns)
Papa a la huancaína
Pastel de choclo
Pulpo al olivo
Vegan causa

“Arroz” a la cubana
Ají de gallina (Peruvian chicken “curry”)
Arroz con pato (Peruvian duck with rice)
Arroz con pollo
Arroz tapado
Carapulcra (Peruvian pork and potato stew)
Chicken heart anticuchos
Escabeche de pescado (fish escabeche)
Estofado de pollo (Peruvian chicken stew)
Jalea mixta (Peruvian-style mixed seafood)
Locro (Peruvian pumpkin stew)
Lomo saltado (Peruvian beef stir-fry)
Majado de plátano con choros y chorizo (smashed plantains, mussels and chorizo)
Olluquito con carne
Paleo ají de gallina in the slow cooker
Paleo patita con maní (pork trotters with(out) peanuts)
Peruvian osso buco
Peruvian pork adobo
Peruvian pork platter
Peruvian-spiced Christmas turkey
Pimiento relleno (Peruvian-style stuffed capsicum)
Pork chops and Pardo’s-style salad
Seafood cau cau
Seco de carne (Peruvian beef & coriander stew)
Seco de cordero con frejoles (lamb & coriander stew and beans)
Slow-cooked cebiche de pato (duck cebiche)
Tacu tacu (Peruvian-style rice and beans)
Tallarines verdes

Chilcano de pescado (Peruvian fish broth)
Paleo chicken and mussel aguadito
Sopa criolla (creole soup)

Huancaína sauce
Puré de espinaca (spinach mash)
Salsa criolla
Solterito de queso

Chapana (Peruvian cassava dessert)
Leche asada
Lúcuma cheesecake
Lúcuma coconut mousse
Lúcuma coconut mousse v2.0
Paleo crema volteada
Paleo tres leches cake
Suspiro de limeña

Chilcano de Pisco
Jugo surtido (“assorted” juice)
Kombucha chilcano
Lúcuma smoothie

Enjoy and felices fiestas patrias!

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