Review: Sixpenny (Stanmore)

This year we celebrated our birthdays quietly, just the 2 of us. Out of the long list of restaurants I want to try I chose Sixpenny, in part because it’s been on the list forever, in part because the winter 4-course menu ($85pp) was still available.

This isn’t a “proper” review as I only have iPhone photos posted on my Instagram page (my camera battery was dead) and I didn’t catch the full descriptions of the dishes. On the bright side, this meant a bit less stress during the meal, which is the ultimate goal of celebrating a birthday.

Service was outstanding. Highlight of the night, IMO, even though we were (knowingly) underdressed for the venue. We toasted with champagne ($29) for me and a glass of pure pressed grape juice ($8) for Alvaro. I had totally forgotten how real champagne is so different from cheap sparkling. Not a cheap drink, but definitely worth it.

Birthday cheers #champagne #wine #bday #dinner

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We were first served some courtesy snacks: lightly pickled cucumber with rose & raspberry, green tomato & cheese gougères and pumpkin scallop. We both found the cucumber/raspberry snack a bit too hipster for our taste. I also thought that it didn’t match the other snacks too well. We both liked the gougères the best, followed closely by the pumpkin scallop.


Next we were served warm gluten-free bread and mascarpone butter. As with most gluten-free breads out there, this one was a bit too sweet and cakey for my taste. I did appreciate the fact that it was freshly baked and still warm, making it a perfect vehicle for the delicious mascarpone butter.

GF bread and mascarpone butter #bday #dinner #glutenfree

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The first course, potatoes with oyster & raw mushroom, was very pleasing to the eye and one of my favourite dishes of the night. The round bits are raw mushroom slices dusted with roasted mushroom powder. There were tender, creamy potatoes underneath surrounding an oyster emulsion.

Raw & roasted mushrooms, potato, oyster emulsion #bday #dinner #glutenfree

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The next course was spanish mackerel with radicchio & fermented cucumber. Sadly, we weren’t particularly fond of the flavours. Limeños are hard to please when in comes to fish.

Mackerel hiding underneath #bday #dinner #glutenfree

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At this stage my champagne glass was empty. Even though the usual pairing for the next course was a Riesling, I decided to go with a Pinot Noir, recommended by the sommelier as a good alternative.

Glass a pinot noir #dinner #bday #wine #vine

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The final savoury course was a dry-aged lamb rump with caramelised pumpkin juice, served with a braised leek covered with shaved walnuts. Solid dish, and a great opportunity to eat a cut that I never cook at home.

Dry aged lamb rump w caramelised pumpkin jus, leek & shaved walnuts #bday #dinner #glutenfree

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Dessert was a reduced milk sorbet with cucumber & peppermint granita. We were encouraged to break through the layers to get a bit of everything in each bite. It was a refreshing dessert, not too sweet (which I like). I think it’s a good signature dessert, although perhaps not a crowd pleaser.


83 Percival Rd
Stanmore NSW 2048
(02) 9572 6666

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