The Agrestic Grocer

Review: The Agrestic Grocer (Orange NSW)

My friends from Sydney happened to be in the area last weekend so we caught up for brunch. Given they were driving, I thought it would be a good idea to go visit The Agrestic Grocer, which is a few minutes drive out of town. It turned out to be a great family-friendly venue. As it name implies, this is primarily a grocer focusing on outstanding local produce and products, including breads, preserves, wine, and beer.




But we were there for brunch, not shopping! The indoor dining room was fully booked, so we headed outside initially just for coffee. We ended up staying there, warmed by an outdoor heater and our heavy jackets, the telltale sign that we’re from Sydney.

Agrestic Grocer

My first coffee was a great long black, served in a cup (hot drinks are also available in mugs).

Long black

Long black ($3.50)

The menu is not huge but it had enough great-looking options to make me struggle with decisions. I finally ordered the local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah on gluten-free bread and added Trunkey Ck bacon and a Small Acres cider & garlic sausage. The meal as a whole was quite good, but the bacon deserves a special mention. It came as a large pile of shaved porky goodness and tasted like good bacon should taste: not overly salty nor overly processed.

Local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah on GF toast plus bacon and sausage

Local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah ($15.50) on gluten-free bread ($2.00) + Trunkey Ck bacon ($6.00) + cider & garlic sausage ($4.50)

Here’s another version of the local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah, this time served on Rise Woodfired sourdough as listed on the menu, plus a Badlands beer & chilli sausage and boston beans.

Local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah on sourdough plus sausage and beans

Local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah ($15.50) + beer & chilli sausage ($4.50) + boston beans ($5.00)

I had a second coffee, this time an almond milk latte (see how almond milk is available pretty much everywhere in Orange?) with a vanilla shot. It was the perfect dessert.

Almond milk latte + vanilla shot

Latte ($4) with almond milk ($0.80) + vanilla shot ($1.00)

The Agrestic Grocer
426 Mitchell Hwy
Orange NSW 2800
(02) 6360 4604
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One thought on “Review: The Agrestic Grocer (Orange NSW)

  1. Have heard so many great things about this spot. Will def have to visit next time I’m in the area!

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