San Telmo

Review: San Telmo (Melbourne CBD)

I recently spent a few days in Melbourne, attending a conference during the day and catching up with my sister at night. Our first dinner was at San Telmo, an Argentinian restaurant/bar named after the famous Buenos Aires suburb.


I could say it was too dark and too loud, but that’d probably just show my age and lack of photography skills. The photos in this post suck, but I didn’t want to wait until visiting at lunch time to post this review. The wine list is pretty comprehensive and includes several varietals from Argentina. We chose a Malbec that didn’t disappoint.


I had fond memories of ceramic saucers containing fried gooey Provolone served as an entrée at a business meeting in Buenos Aires several years ago. The provoleta here was smaller and looked like a piece of salmon but satisfied my craving just fine.


Provoleta ($12)

The tira de asado (aka “asado de tira”, O’Connor’s premium pasture fed beef short ribs) didn’t meet our expectations. It was tasty but the connective tissue surrounding the bones was too tough. Maybe the kitchen just had a “bad rib day”… not enough time or too high temperature to let the collagen break down.

Tira de asado

Tira de asado ($30)

The vacío (O’Connor’s premium pasture fed flank steak) was better and went well with the classic table sauces: chimichurri and criolla.


Vacío ($22 for 200g)

Chimichurri, criolla

Chimichurri, criolla

The vegetable component of the meal was Bruselas (charred brussel sprouts, spinach, shallots, sweet garlic and horseradish), which could easily serve as a vegetarian main.


Bruselas ($16)

San Telmo
14 Meyers Pl
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9650 5525

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One thought on “Review: San Telmo (Melbourne CBD)

  1. A shame that the ribs weren’t quite cooked enough. There’s nothing better than ripping that meat off the bone!

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