Cookbook cook-up: AltShift recipes by Sheryl Seib (week 2)

After a few days of cooking from the AltShift book it was clear (and sad) that dairy, for the most part, had to go.

Cauliflower Salad: This is another great dairy-free salad featuring the tasty AltShift mayo. I steamed the cauliflower because we get really gassy when we eat it raw (sorry if TMI). We had it for breakfast but it’s an anytime type of meal.

Cauliflower Salad

Beef Onion Soup: Another recipe featuring a short list of ingredients but lots of flavour. It was the only dairy-containing recipe I cooked this week.

Beef Onion Soup

Turkey Squash Chili: The book is from the US, so it’s natural that it features lots of taco this and chili that. This chili was tasty and perfect now that the weather is cooling down in Sydney.

Turkey Squash Chili

Chicken Chili Verde: Another chili recipe! We both liked this one better than the turkey one.

Chicken Chili Verde

Stir Fried Steak and Brussels Sprouts: I used more meat and less Brussels sprouts than what the recipe called for. Even then we felt that we needed more protein, so we added 3 fried eggs each (it was dinner after training day).

The AltShift book is available at

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