Practical Paleo

Cookbook cook-up: Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo (week 2)

A lot of nutrition books these days are split into 2: the why (i.e. the science behind) and the how (i.e. the recipes). Typically, one part is stronger than the other, but that is not the case with Practical Paleo, which IMO is equally good in both fronts.

These are the recipes that I chose to cook on week 2:

Rainbow red cabbage salad: I usually think putting a salad together is super easy, however I find myself using the same combinations of vegetables over and over again. This is when recipes like this come in handy. This one features raw broccoli and mango, two ingredients that I normally don’t include in my salads. The dressing is super simple (and has no fat, so it’s perfect for 3S).

Rainbow red cabbage salad

Swirly crustless quiche: I made a batch of this frittata-style quiche for breakfast. It’s easy to make (although my swirls were not as pretty and the ones in the book) and very tasty. I reckon it would taste even better with a side of bacon.

Swirly crustless quiche

Italian style stuffed peppers: Another easy recipe, where the hardest part is to stuff the capsicum halves. We ate these for breakfast, but they make an awesome lunch or dinner, too. You can also top them with pesto to enhance the Italian vibe.

Italian style stuffed peppers

Quick & easy salmon cakes: I made these on a day I didn’t have much time nor patience. I also omitted the optional coconut flour, resulting in 2 out of 4 salmon cakes losing their shape when flipped over. They were tasty, though.

Quick & easy salmon cakes

Grilled garlic flank steak with peppers & onions: This recipe was easy to make, although I must admit flank (skirt) steak is not my favourite. I’ll use T-bones or rumps next time.

Grilled garlic flank steak with peppers & onions

Mustard glazed chicken thighs: This was probably the easiest recipe of the lot, with the simplest seasoning that was applied to the thighs just prior to putting them in the oven. We ate these with steamed broccolini.

Mustard glazed chicken thighs

Cumin spiced pork tenderloin with root vegetables: This recipe is more suited for winter, but I decided to try it on a 3S day. I used less oil for browning the loin, it was tasty but I did miss the fat.

Cumin spiced pork tenderloin with root vegetables

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