Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan

Cookbook cook-up: Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan (week 2)

Week 2 of cooking from one of my favourite cookbooks ever (see week 1 here) went like this:

Meat and spinach muffins: One of my darkest secrets is that I love the taste of frozen spinach. Okay, it’s not really a dark secret but it’s not sexy either. Anyway, I made a batch of these for breakfast and they turned out amazing. The recipe yielded 5 more muffins than what it said, which is a nice problem to have. I haven’t tried any of the flavour variations but can imagine they would taste as great as the basic recipe.

Meat and spinach muffins

Ras el Hanout: I made this Moroccan spice mix for the recipe below.

Creamy spice market kale: I didn’t like this recipe dish as much as I expected. I love kale but somehow found the spices too strong for a side dish, especially when paired with the salmon below.

Creamy spice market kale

Salmon A L'Afrique Du Nord: I’ve made this recipe a few times before, both in the BBQ and in the oven. The result is slightly better in the BBQ but the flavour is equally good.

Salmon A L'Afrique Du Nord

Citrus carnitas: This is another recipe that I love and have made quite a few times. The carnitas in my photo don’t look as browned as the ones in the book because I ran out of time, but they were delicious as usual. We ate them with coleslaw and a dollop of the mayo below.

Citrus carnitas

Olive oil mayo: I’ve made this mayo a few times, too (and ruined it at least a couple of times due to lack of patience). It’s tasty and creamy, and because it’s made with a whole egg, it’s thinner than egg yolk mayo.

Olive oil mayo

Ginger-lime grilled shrimp: This recipe was relatively simple and very tasty! I cooked the prawns in a stovetop grill instead of a BBQ and didn’t use any oil. I used some of the marinade on leftover fish, but liked it on prawns better.

Ginger-lime grilled shrimp

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