Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan

Cookbook cook-up: Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan (week 1)

Time to revisit one of my favourite cookbooks that has been neglected for the past few years thanks to my obsession for trying new recipes all the time.

The book is Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan, one of my favourite paleo bloggers. You will see that the pages are coming off the book as a testament that we used it a lot in our previous sharehouse. What I love about this cookbook besides the delicious dishes Mel has created is the fact that she includes endless variations for each recipe. So many possibilities!

These are the dishes I cooked on week 1:

The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat : Yeah, it sounds pretentious but it’s true. This recipe involves brining chicken breasts with 2 purposes: to flavour them and to retain their moisture. The recipe calls for grilling, which I have done in the past, but this time I seared them in a stovetop grill pan and finished them in the oven. I prefer the result when cooking them entirely in a BBQ, but the flavour was still awesome.

The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat

Italian sausage seasoning : I made this spice mix for the next recipe and really liked it. I think it’s a great mix to have handy in the pantry to cook up a great-tasting dish in no time.

Italian sausage seasoning

Italian sausage and eggplant strata : This was my favourite recipe of the batch, in part because it was my first time making it. I used half beef and half pork mince. The mix went really well with the Italian sausage seasoning.

Italian sausage and eggplant strata

Basil and walnut pesto : I made a batch of this pesto because a) I love pesto, and b) I had leftover basil and parsley and wanted to put them to good use. I normally roast garlic before chucking it into any sauce but I didn’t do it this time to follow the recipe verbatim. Unfortunately, I found the raw garlic overpowering. Other than that, this pesto is really nice.

Basil and walnut pesto

Sunshine sauce : This is a Whole 30-approved nut-free gluten-free sugar-free satay-style sauce that goes really well with both chicken and veggies. Good to have in the fridge to whip up a quick healthy Asian salad like the coleslaw pictured below.

Sunshine sauce

Grilled chicken thighs : This recipe is super easy to make. The idea is that you can cook up a large batch and have protein ready for the week. I didn’t grill the chicken, but followed the instructions for the oven instead. I went a bit over time but the chicken was good regardless.

Grilled chicken thigh

Greek broccoli : This is probably my second favourite recipe of this batch. I loved the flavours and simplicity of this side dish. We ate it with lamb mince seasoned with oregano, marjoram and red wine vinegar, as suggested in the Hot Plates section of the book.

Greek broccoli and lamb mince

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