Product review: Bear Essentials pineapple cider

Yes, pineapple cider. Not pineapple-flavoured cider, but cider made out of pineapples. In a market saturated by apple (and to a lesser extent, pear) options, this is pretty clever IMO.

Bear Essentials pineapple cider

I got a 4-pack to sample just in time for Australia Day. It was a hot day and unfortunately we hadn’t packed any ice. Despite having no added sugar, this cider is naturally on the sweet side, so it is best enjoyed with ice. On the bright side, the flavour is unique (who doesn’t like pineapple?) and it doesn’t contain any preservatives or sulphites, so rest assured you won’t wake up with a headache the next day.

Bear Essentials pineapple cider

Bear Essentials pineapple cider
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