Family Food by Pete Evans

Cookbook cook-up: Family Food by Pete Evans (week 3)

Read about the previous posts about Family Food here (week 1) and here (week 2). On week 3, I cooked:

Lamb cutlets with mint sauce and sautéed beans: Very Australian and very yum. This dish requires a bit of preparation (the cutlets need to be marinated) but is totally worth it. I recommend to make a bigger batch for leftovers.

Lamb cutlets with mint sauce and sautéed beans

Jamaican jerk chicken: The only tweak I made to this recipe was to use a few pinches of chilli flakes instead of fresh chillies. This dish, too, requires marinating time, which again is totally worth it. I suspect you can freeze marinated drumsticks and cook them later, as Michelle Tam does with her (sister’s) green chicken recipe. We enjoyed the super tasty drumsticks with a simple salad.

Jamaican jerk chicken

Spinach and artichoke dip and smoked trout dip: I made these for Christmas eve dinner. I liked the smoked trout one better, but both were good. Both feature the cashew “cheese” recipe that is also featured in the book. In the photo, the ramekin in the middle contains duck liver pâté with orange marmalade jelly (recipe not in the book!).


Coleslaw with chervil dressing: This salad made it to the Christmas eve dinner table, too, although with a few changes because some ingredients (root vegetables) were not in season. Coleslaw is one of my favourite salads, and this one didn’t disappoint.

Coleslaw with chervil dressing

Roast turkey with herb marinade: Another recipe tried on Christmas eve. It was my first time roasting a stuffed turkey and I think I nailed it (thanks to the recipe, of course). My turkey was heavier, so I adjusted the cooking time according to the directions in the book. I would dare to say that the stuffing was even better than the flavoursome turkey.

Roast turkey with herb marinade

Raw Christmas puddings: The final recipe tried on Christmas eve (and on week 3), these raw treats were awesome! The only ingredient I couldn’t find was dried sour cherries, so I used dried inca berries instead. The trickiest part of the recipe (apart from lining the moulds with cling wrap, which requires patience) was the icing. Mine didn’t look as pretty as the one in the book, perhaps also due to my lack of patience. As you can see, I decorated mine with strawberries instead of raspberries.

Raw Christmas puddings

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