Family Food by Pete Evans

Cookbook cook-up: Family Food by Pete Evans (week 1)

This is a new section of the blog inspired by “Cook the Book”, a regular feature in one of my favourite cooking websites: Serious Eats. In this feature, they review a particular recipe found in a cookbook and share the recipe. My spin is to cook several recipes from a cookbook for a week and then share photos and comments of how the meals turned up. I won’t share any recipes, in part to avoid the hassle of asking for permission, in part to encourage readers to go buy the cookbooks.

The first featured cookbook is Family Food by Pete Evans, given to me as a birthday present (thanks again, Gladys!). On week 1 I cooked:

Roast pork with apple sauce: I had a larger roast so I had to cook it for about 20-25 minutes longer. Prep was simple and it came out delicious. The apple sauce was a revelation, I normally cook it for a longer time but this recipe was super quick and easy to make. I served the pork with sautéed greens with lemon and garlic (see below).

Roast pork with apple sauce

Sautéed greens with lemon and garlic: I wanted to make this recipe as soon as I saw the photo. Broccolini and asparagus are two of my favourite green veggies, and they didn’t disappoint: this side dish is a winner.

Sautéed greens with lemon and garlic

Prosciutto Pancetta-wrapped frittata muffins: The original recipe calls for prosciutto but I couldn’t find any at the markets, so I used pancetta instead. These muffins are fairly easy to make and come out perfectly. We ate these for breakfast (2-3 per meal per person, depending on hunger).

Prosciutto-wrapped frittata muffins

Beef and broccoli stir-fry: For this recipe I used konjac noodles instead of kelp noodles because I had those in hand. I couldn’t find any bean sprouts in three shops and quite frankly I’m not a big fan, so I didn’t mind their absence. Other than that, I followed the recipe verbatim, and really liked the result. I found it makes a bit more sauce than what is actually needed, so if you decide to try this recipe consider cutting down the sauce ingredients by 1/4 or 1/3.

Beef and broccoli stir fry

Nic’s chopped salad: I love big-ass salads, especially in spring/summer. I liked the colours and crunch of this one, and the addition of seeds. The vinaigrette calls for sherry vinegar, but I used what I had in hand (chardonnay), which I think didn’t make a huge difference overall. We ate this salad with canned tuna or sardines. The recipe made enough for 4 servings. Perhaps it can stretch to 6 servings (according to the book, it serves 4 to 6) if served as a side for a more substantial meal.

Nic's chopped salad

Stay tuned for more posts!

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