Review: Continental Deli and Bistro (Newtown)

Holy crap, it’s been almost a week since my last post! No, I wasn’t away, it’s just that I have been busy getting older and stuff. My sister invited me for pre-birthday dinner at the brand new Continental Deli and Bistro, the latest (ad)venture of Elvis Abrahanowicz and Joe Valore.


The cold display is full of cheeses and charcuterie and the shelfs stocked with tinned fish and other pantry goodies. Oh yes, let’s not forget the alcohol. Good quality spirits for the old-fashioned cocktails on offer.

Cheeses & charcuterie

Canned goods


We sat right in front of Elvis Abrahanowicz, who heard us speaking in Spanish and helped us choose our meal with his perfect Argentinian accent. We had a assorted meat plate that included prosciutto, sopressa, bresaola, and other delicious charcuterie items, garnished with a few pickled chillies. It normally comes with bread and butter but we were served the gluten-free option, i.e. Spanish potato chips. Very happy with that swap.

Charcurterie plate


Assorted meat plate ($30)

We also wanted some cheese but not a whole platter. Elvis recommended the Lamb chopper made in the US from Dutch sheep milk. It went really well with the meats and I really loved its rich, sharp flavour.

Lamb chopper cheese

Lamb chopper cheese ($10)

As mentioned before, cocktail-wise they stick to a few classics, of which martini (spelled “mar-tinny” because it comes in a branded tin) is my favourite. It was dry and strong, the way I like it, and came with a few olives on the side as garnish. Gladys had a sidecar, made with cognac and orange liqueur. Don’t like cocktails? There are also beers and wines available.


Mar-tinny ($15)


Sidecar ($16)

While we waited for our order I snapped a pic of the assorted (canned) fish plate, which I’d like to try soon.

Fish plate

Assorted fish plate ($30)

Continental Deli and Bistro
210 Australia Street
Newtown NSW 2042

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