Review: Luyu & Yum Yum (Newtown)

First I reviewed plant-based food and now dumplings??!! No, I’m not crazy/sick, and I haven’t sold my soul to the devil (mainly because I don’t believe there is a soul, but that’s a topic for another day). When my sis told me about Luyu & Yum Yum and their gluten-free dumplings (thanks, Gladys!), I knew it was the perfect place to have a catch up with uni friends.

We tried the Mr Luyu Herb Dumpling (prawn & chives in rice dough, steamed), Mr Yumyum Fungi Dumpling (king oyster mushroom, Chinese mushroom, fungi, carrot, coriander & celery in rice dough, steamed) and Snow White Dumpling (prawn, asparagus, bamboo shoot & Luyu home-made creamy soup in chrysanthemum infused potato starch dough). Dumplings are served with three sauces (soy, chilli, and vinegar, if I remember correctly).

Mr Yumyum Fungi Dumpling

Mr Yumyum Fungi Dumpling ($10.8)



For the second round (yes, that wasn’t enough for three hungry girls) we got another serve of the herbed prawn dumplings, and my friends shared the the eggplant main dish (not GF, not pictured).

Mr Luyu Herb Dumpling

Mr Luyu Herb Dumpling ($11.8)

Snow white dumpling

Snow White Dumpling ($12.8)

Before I go, I forgot to mention that this place sits in the premises previously occupied by Paju BBQ, once upon a time our favourite Korean in the neighbourhood.

Luyu & Yum Yum
96 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9519 9888

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