Smooth Festival of Chocolate 2015 (The Rocks)

A couple of weekends ago the already busy streets of The Rocks were the stage of the smooth Festival of Chocolate: chocolate-centered cooking demos and products, and the normal bunch of completely unrelated food stalls that are present in every single (food and non-food) festival in Sydney. I went there before noon on Sunday and it was already packed.


Fortunately, the first stall I ran into was Danieli Gourmet Skewers and there wasn’t a big queue. I got a plate of Moroccan lamb, octopus and prawn skewers with salad (no rice). Yes, the salad was a bit of an overstatement but the skewers were good.

Danieli Gourmet Skewers

Danieli Gourmet Skewers

Lamb, octopus and prawn skewers

Lamb, octopus and prawn skewers ($16)

As I had limited time I only got to try a few chcoolates, including Origin and Zozoko. I liked Origin better, in part because they use Latin American cacao, in part because their blocks were cheaper. I bought a block of Peruvian 85% and moved on.

Origin chocolates

Zozoko chocolates

After tasting a few squares of chocolate I needed coffee. The hot weather called for a cold brew, served in an espresso takeaway cup. Too bad they didn’t have any ice.

Adore coffee

Cold brew

Adore Coffee cold brew ($4.50)

On my way back to work I had a look at the Black Star Pastry stall, but decided not to join the (very long) queue. I can walk to their Newtown shop any day, anyway.

Black Star Pastry

Instead, I stopped at Keski Pan, a Mexican stall offering sweet and savoury tamales. The sweet tamales were quite unusual (even though we do have tamales with caramel filling – called humitas) but I did not have enough stomach capacity and chose savoury instead: a tasty chicken mole tamal.

Mexican stall

Chicken mole tamal

Chicken mole tamal ($10)

Strawberry and chocolate tamales

Strawberry and chocolate tamales ($8)

The final morsel I got to try was paleo Sun Catchers brownies, which apparently are being sold in health food shops. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

Paleo brownies

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