Review: The Naughty Chef (Sydney CBD)

In the beginning I classified The Naughty Chef in the dodgy cheap eatery category. When reputable food bloggers (hi Simon and John) started posting photos of comforting-looking bowls of Pho, I moved it to the “maybe” category. It was only when I saw a coworker ordering a chicken vegetable soup with no noodles that I decided to give it a shot.

The setup of the restaurant is, in part, what makes it dodgy. You order in one shop, your bowl is served in just a few minutes, you get your cutlery and condiments, and then walk with your tray (spilling broth all over it) two shops down, to the dining room.

Order here



Eat here

I ordered the aforementioned chicken vegetable soup with no noodles and must say it was very good. Tons of vegetables, decent amount of chicken, flavourful broth.

Chicken vegetable soup, no noodles

Chicken vegetable soup ($11)

Sebastian ordered the special chicken soup, which was similar to mine, except that it came with a couple of dumplings in addition to the noodles and vegetables (and a couple of bean sprouts, which were not enough for Sebastian).

Special chicken soup

Special chicken soup ($12)

The Naughty Chef
Shop H4, Hunter Arcade, Wynyard Station
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9262 3373

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3 thoughts on “Review: The Naughty Chef (Sydney CBD)

  1. I used to frequent a place where you purchase your meal at one shop and walk a couple doors down to sit, in what looked like the interior of a 747 plane. From memory it was Hunter Arcade and I wonder if that place has become Naughty Chef. I spent many a happy lunch hour there, imagining I was on my way to somewhere exotic. The chicken vegetable soup looks delicious and healthy.

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