Holidays in Perú (July 25 2015)

Remember how I said I would order the gluten-free meal for the trip back to Sydney? Well, I missed the deadline (24 hours before the flight) and had to navigate around the regular menu again.

The worst meal is always in the short leg (Lima-Santiago). We were served a ham and cheese sandwich, butter, jam and fruit. It wasn’t easy to get all the bread off the ham and cheese so for people who are very sensitive to gluten the best choice would be to eat the inner slices only. Rolled up with butter in the middle like I did.


Snack Lima-Santiago

Meals in the longer (Santiago-Sydney) leg started with lunch: marinated chicken and quinoa salad with grilled vegetables, mixed leaves, and lemon dressing. I don’t eat quinoa regularly because I don’t digest it well but I thought this was the safest option. I also had a couple of personal bottles of shiraz and skipped dessert (peaches and cream with biscuit crumble).

Chicken & quinoa salad

Lunch Santiago-Sydney

During the flight I declined the various offerings (ice cream, empanadas, chocolate biscuits, grapefruit cordial) and had raw almonds instead and water instead.

For dinner I chose the roast chicken with broccoli, carrots, and merikan spiced potatoes. Looked like hospital food. Dessert was dulce de leche mousse with toasted coconut, good stuff.


Dinner Santiago-Sydney

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