Holidays in Perú (July 23 2015)

On our second last day in Lima we got to hang out with my brother-in-law again. My sister was still in the US, so it was only the three of us. Alvaro had been nagging me with his arroz con pato cravings long before we arrived to Perú so I did a bit of research and Don Fernando seemed to be a good place to get it. We were received with complimentary leche de tigre (the juice from cebiche), cancha (toasted corn kernels) and chifles (plantain chips).

Leche de tigre, chifles, cancha, rocoto

Complimentary leche de tigre, cancha and chifles

This is a Northern restaurant, and besides seafood and the aforementioned arroz con pato, this region is well-known for its chicha de jora (a fermented corn beverage). It looks like cloudy apple juice and tastes a bit like kombucha. I’m not sure about its alcohol content but it’s not that high, I think.

Chicha de jora

Chicha de jora (S/. 10, 4.21)

We started with a mixed platter called ronda Don Fernando, which contained tiradito (sliced raw fish marinated in lemon juice, with rocoto), cebiche, chinguirito (dried fish cebiche), and pulpo al estilo muchame (octopus with olive oil, garlic and oregano). The four dishes are divided by mashed cassava. Yum.

Ronda Don Fernando

Ronda Don Fernando (S/. 58, $24.42)

We thought the arroz con pato (rice with duck, cooked with coriander, pumpkin, chicha de jora, etc.) was okay but not outstanding. We chose breast over maryland because we were told it had more meat, but thought the meat portion was on the skinny side.

Arroz con pato

Arroz con pato (S/. 35.80, $15.07)

At this point we were satisfied but not full. We ordered a piqueo with another two staples from the North: tamalitos verdes (made with corn and coriander) and seco de cabrito (baby goat stew with coriander). Very tasty, I’d say better than the arroz con pato.

Piqueo de tamalitos verdes y seco de cabrito

Piqueo de tamalitos verdes y seco de cabrito (S/. 29.80, $12.55)

That night we went to the Buddhist centre for the last time. There weren’t many people around because a bunch had gone to Europe for a summer course, but we got to hang out with some of our friends, with some nibbles and wine. One of Alvaro’s friends from high school met us there and then we went for a late dinner to one of those cheap sandwich shops that are so popular among party animals. Its name is Koko Lucho and, believe it or not, it was my first time there.

Koko Lucho

Alvaro had his last jugo de lúcuma of the trip, and we shared a salchipapa. This one was called “la combi” (public transport van), that came with smoked frankfurter, BBQ chorizo, Huacho sausage, scrambled egg on top, potato chips and salad. Now you know why people come here after a night of drinking.

Jugo de lúcuma

Jugo de lúcuma

Salchipapa "la combi"

Salchipapa “la combi” (S/. 20, $8.42)

Don Fernando
General Garzón 1788, Jesus María
+51 1 2610361 / +51 1 4632656
Lima, Perú

Koko Lucho
Av. Aviación 3790, Surquillo
Lima, Perú

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