Holidays in Perú (July 21 2015)

Sometimes it’s all about seeing the glass half full. What was meant to be lunch for two (me and my best friend from school Jessica) turned into Alvaro and me visiting her and her husband, who broke his Achilles tendon playing soccer. Since lunch had to be takeaway, we went to the local market for a jungle food fix.

Pura Selva

Juanes, chorizos, cecinas

Juanes, cecinas

Alvaro and I shared a ronda Tarapotina (S/. 30, $12.77), which came with tacacho (mashed plantain and mixed with fried pork), cecina (dried cured pork), chorizo, juane (seasoned rice and chicken cooked in banana leaf), and maduro (fried ripe plantain). Not super healthy but very flavourful.

Tacacho, cecina, chorizo, maduro

Tacacho, cecina, chorizo, maduro



That night we went for dinner with my niece (who is 21 now!) and her boyfriend. We went to Gaston Acurio’s Peruvian burger joint Papachos. Yes, burgers are trendy in Lima at the moment, too. We started off with some drinks: limonada de kión y menta (ginger & mint limeade), characato with chicha de jora (fermented corn drink), pisco, maíz morado (purple corn), pineapple, cloves and mint, and pituco with Campari, vodka, strawberry juice, orange and lemon. Quite sweet but enjoyable.

Pituco, characato, limonada de kión y menta

Pituco (S/. 25, $10.65), characato (S/. 16, $6.81), limonada de kión y menta (S/. 7, $2.98)

The thing I had been craving for weeks before the trip was a Salchi Papacha with frankfurters, chorizo, two fried eggs and 5 sauces on the side (different type of chili sauces, fruity ketchups, etc.). It was as massive as its description (and price) suggest, and my craving was fully satisfied.

Salchi Papacha

Salchi Papacha (S/. 34, $14.48)



Bruno had a hamburguesa clásica (classic burger) with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and Cheddar cheese. He said “yes” to the “achorada” version (supersized 300g patty) and couldn’t finish the plate.

Hamburguesa clásica

Hamburguesa clásica, achorada (S/. 36, $15.33)

Besides the salchipapas, Alvaro and I also shared a hamburguesa Papacha with blue cheese, bacon, sauco (a berry) ketchup, onion ring (didn’t notice that one when ordering!), lettuce, and tomato, served without a bun and with sweet potato fries. Huge serving, great flavour. We did finish it. Oink!

Hamburguesa Papachos al plato

Hamburguesa Papacha (S/. 36, $15.33)

Pura Selva
Mercado de Magdalena
Lima, Perú

Av. la Paz 1045, Miraflores
Lima, Perú
+51 1 2536460
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