Holidays in Perú (July 16 2015)

We went for lunch with mum and my sister’s husband to Catalina 555, a place that I had never heard of, but that was recommended by a friend. They do Peruvian food in big portions, designed to share.

Catalina 555

Catalina 555

We ordered lomo saltado a lo pobre (beef stir-fry, served with fried egg and fried plantain). They had used a small banana known as “plátano manzano” instead of sliced plantains, which I didn’t mind, but Alvaro seemed disappointed about the swap. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed the dish.

Lomo saltado a lo pobre

Lomo saltado a lo pobre (S/. 45, $19.33)

Next came pato al ají (1/2 female duck cooked with chilies, served with cassava and rice with corn). This dish was also very flavourful, I would be hard-pressed to choose a favourite between this and the lomo.

Pato al ají

Pato al ají (S/. 65, $27.92)

Finally, we ordered the catch of the day, which happened to be lenguado (sole). We ordered it frito al ajo (fried with garlic), but failed to check if it was floured prior to frying. It was, so Alvaro and I had to refrain from eating the crunchy skin. I found the fish a bit on the dry side, which wasn’t a problem once I smothered it with the provided garlic-infused clarified butter.

Lenguado frito al ajo

Lenguado frito al ajo (S/. 100, $42.96)

That night we met some friends from a software development company I worked for a long time ago. We went to El Bolivariano, a restaurant/bar that is best known as an after-work drinks destination, but that does fairly good Peruvian food, too.

El Bolivariano

They had 2×1 chilcanos, so I had one with ciruela and one with aguaymanto (both native fruits).

Chilcano de ciruela

Chilcano de ciruela (S/. 12.50, $5.37)

Chilcano de aguaymanto

Chilcano de aguaymanto (S/. 12.50, $5.37)

My friends ordered some sharing platters, for example piqueo Precursor with anticuchos (marinated beef heart), cassava and tamalito verde (made with corn and coriander).

Piqueo Precursor

Piqueo Precursor (S/. 34, $14.60)

The waiter forgot our order and when we ordered again, he said they didn’t have what we wanted. We ended up having a jamón and a chicharrón sandwich, both without bread, and a ensalada de legumbres (cooked vegetable salad). More than enough for both of us.


Jamón (S/. 12, $5.15)


Chicharrón (S/. 13, $5.58)

Ensalada de legumbres

Ensalada de legumbres

Alvaro had eyed the dessert table but we didn’t have space for any, fortunately.



Catalina 555
Av. Santa Catalina 555, La Victoria
Lima, Perú
51 1 637 2659 / 51 1 637 2689
On Facebook

El Bolivariano
Calle Rosa Toledo 291, Pueblo Libre
Lima, Perú
+51 1 2619565

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