Holidays in Perú (July 15 2015)

July 15th was our friend Javier’s birthday. We had lunch with him and other friends at Emilio & Gladys, a low-key restaurant that specialises in conchas negras (black scallops).

As usual, we were served cancha and chifles (roasted maize kernels and fried plantain chips) that were refilled multiple times during our visit.

Cancha y chifles

Cancha and chifles

As I mentioned, the thing here is conchas negras. That day, they had 2 kinds of cebiche: black scallops with prawns, and black scallops with clams. I ordered a cebiche with prawns, which came in a bowl with plenty of shellfish and great flavour.

Cebiche de conchas negras y langostinos

Cebiche de conchas negras y langostinos (S/. 20, $8.60)

Alvaro’s stomach was still playing up, so he opted for the only hot meal available that day: arroz con conchas negras (rice with black scallops). I normally don’t give a damn about rice, but this dish was sublime. I probably ate half of Alvaro’s plate. It was that good.

Arroz con conchas negras

Arroz con conchas negras (S/. 20, $8.60)

As if we hadn’t eaten enough, that night we caught up with my friends from school. We went to Manifiesto, a Peruvian-fusion restaurant that encourages shared meals. We got some native tuber chips to nibble on while we waited for everyone to arrive.



I had a drink called peruanita with pisco acholado, pisco mosto verde, lime, orange, coconut and chicha morada (purple corn drink). Very sweet and not too strong. Alvaro had a limonada de coco y hierbaluisa (coconut and lemongrass limeade). We’ve noticed it’s popular to offer flavoured limeades in Peruvian restaurants these days.


Peruanita (S/. 24, $10.32)

Limonada de coco y hierbaluisa

Limonada de coco y hierbaluisa (S/. 10, $4.30)

Other drinks at the table included the classic pisco sour (pisco, lime, egg white, syrup, bitters), and the dessert-style beso perfecto (vodka, Amaretto, Kahlua, coconut, milk).

Pisco sour

Pisco sour (S/. 22, $9.46)

Beso perfecto

Beso perfecto (S/. 28, $12.04)

The food includes the chef’s spin on both Peruvian and international dishes. I’ve heard he was trained in Barcelona, and has incorporated some Spanish influence in the menu. For example, salchipapas de chistorra gratinada is a version of our humble fast food meal of potato chips and fried frankfurters, made with Andean tumbay potatoes, the Spanish cured sausage called chistorra and melted Cheddar cheese.

Salchipapas de chistorra gratinada

Salchipapas de chistorra gratinada (S/. 26, $11.18)

The alitas BBQ andinas (chicken wings with a BBQ sauce made with ají panca, a Peruvian red chili) were served with a blue cheese sauce and they looked great, but were unfortunately not gluten-free (they were crumbed).

Alitas BBQ andinas

Alitas BBQ andinas (S/. 24, $10.32)

The pastel de choclo en salsa de ají amarillo y setas con toques de anís y ajonjolí tostado (corn pie in yellow chilli and mushroom sauce flavoured with aniseed and toasted sesame) was very tasty, but a bit too sweet for my taste. Also, the sauce was not only yellow chili but, as explained by the waiter, ají de gallina sauce, a dish made with bread soaked in milk. Not gluten-free either. I should have asked before ordering.

Pastel de choclo en salsa de ají amarillo y setas

Pastel de choclo en salsa de ají amarillo y setas (S/. 24, $10.32)

Pesque de quinua negra y cordero (creamy polenta-like quinoa with tender lamb slices) was a first for me, and I really liked it, thanks to its great texture and flavour.

Pesque de quinua negra y cordero

Pesque de quinua negra y cordero (S/. 40, $17.19)

Last but not least, the lomo saltado Manifiesto, a more refined version of our traditional beef stir-fry, was the highlight of the night.

Lomo saltado Manifiesto

Lomo saltado Manifiesto (S/. 34, $14.61)

Emilio & Gladys
Jr. Risso 539, Lince
Lima, Perú

Independencia 130, Miraflores
Lima, Perú
+51 1 5460201

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