Holidays in Perú (July 12 2015)

On Sunday some of us had chancho rostizado (roasted pork) and coffee for breakfast. Alvaro was sick as a dog in bed, and his aunty was not very well either.

Chancho rostizado

Chancho rostizado

Alvaro’s uncle works in a mine and he had organised a visit for us. Alvaro couldn’t make it, so I went with my brother-in-law. They explained us all the processing that takes place up there. Very interesting stuff.

Planta de proceso

Processing plant

We spent all morning and part of the afternoon in and around the mine. It was higher than the city; we could feel our bodies reacting to the altitude. Back in the city, we opted for a light lunch: the traditional soup called caldo verde, a clear broth with local herbs, potatoes, cheese and egg. They say it’s good against parasites. I can’t say for sure but it was exactly what we needed at the moment. BTW, the cheap and cheerful restaurant where we ate it is called Señorío Cajamarquino and it’s very close to the main square.

Señorío Cajamarquino

Caldo verde

Caldo verde (S/. 6, $2.59)

After lunch and taking a nap, we headed to Baños del Inca, a very popular thermal baths place. We waited perhaps for 30 minutes in order to get in, but it was worth it. After a very relaxing bath we took a massage and were almost ready for bed. Except that we were a bit hungry, so we headed back to the main square for dinner. We landed by chance at a very good foreigner-friendly restaurant: Don Paco. My brother-in-law could eat exactly what he was craving: a burger with bacon and chips. I had another caldo verde, more substantial and slightly more expensive than the one before (S/. 10, $4.31).

Señorío Cajamarquino
Jr. Del Batan 161
Cajamarca, Perú

Don Paco
Amalia Puga 726
Cajamarca, Perú
(076) 36 2655

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