Holidays in Perú (July 11 2015)

We had booked a couple of tours for Saturday in Cajamarca. Before heading off, Alvaro’s aunty made us scrambled eggs with salchicha de Huacho (Huacho sausage) and coffee. One of my favourite breakfasts ever.

Salchicha de huacho

Salchicha de Huacho

The morning tour was to Cumbemayo, a sort of valley with rocky mountains that have peculiar forms if you really try (or have an artistic eye or a good smoke).

Bosque de piedras Cumbemayo

Rock forest in Cumbemayo

The locals sell pork chicharrón and choclo (white corn). They fry the chicharrón in oil that has been reused many times (as opposed to the fat rendered from simmering the pork), resulting in unappealing burnt meat pieces. Needless to say, we didn’t try it.

Chicharrón, choclo

Chicharrón, choclo

We also saw a woman picking wheat the old way. I’d be willing to bet that wheat prepared the traditional way does not cause as much trouble as modern industrialised wheat products.

Escogiendo trigo

Picking wheat

There were food vendors along the way selling corn, olluco (a tuber), boiled eggs, etc.

Food vendors

Food vendors

We went back home for lunch: very tasty homemade beef stew and salad.

Guiso de carne, ensalada

Beef stew, salad

The afternoon tour included a visit to a dairy products shop. We tried a few cheeses and manjar blanco (Peruvian caramel).



Manjar blanco

Manjar blanco

Then we went to La Colpa, an old farm where they call dairy cows by their name and (most of them) go to their designated grazing spot. As usual, there were people selling cheap local food. We tried quesillo con miel (fresh cheese with chancaca syrup, a type of caramel-tasting cane sugar) that costed S/. 1. Alvaro confessed that he had been stomach-sick since we landed in Cajamarca, but still bought a manjar blanco lollipop, also for S/. 1. Bad idea.

Quesillo con miel

Quesillo con miel (S/. 1, $0.43)

The next stop was a couple of tiny waterfalls. There were food vendors in town selling fruits, cachangas (fried round flat pastries), dulce de calabaza (pumpkin pudding), mazamorra morada (purple corn pudding) and arroz con leche (rice pudding). I bought a “combinado” (mazamorra morada and arroz con leche) for S/. 1.







Mazamorra & arroz con leche

Mazamorra & arroz con leche (S/. 1)

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