Holidays in Perú (July 9 2015)

Our friends Victor and Vivi, who live in Belgium, happened to be in Lima at the same time as us. We met for lunch at ámaZ, a gourmet spin on food from the jungle by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, who also owns Malabar.


There was a jar of ajíes encurtidos (pickled chilies) and salsa criolla on the table to spice up the food.

Ajíes encurtidos

Ajíes encurtidos

Salsa criolla

Salsa criolla

Most dishes come in two sizes: whole and half. We ordered a half serve of cecina a la grilla (salted and dried pork tenderloin served with majado – cooked plantain that is mashed and mixed with pork chicharrón). A more refined version of the classic “cecina con tacacho”, very tasty but not for big appetites.

Cecina a la grilla

Cecina a la grilla (S/. 48, $20.43 for 1/2 serve)

We also shared a half serve of abruto tu paiche (grilled river fish served on a mash made with a fruit called “aguaje”, with chorizo and sweet chili sauce). Again, nice flavours, delicate presentation but not huge.

Abruto tu paiche

Abruto tu paiche (S/. 75, $31.93 for 1/2 serve)

Later on we met Alvaro’s kung fu teacher for a chat and a snack. We went to Don Belisario, a Peruvian BBQ chicken/grill franchise. Alvaro and I shared a plate of anticuchos (marinated cow heart, served with potatoes and corn). Not bad.


Anticuchos (S/. 15.90, $6.77)

Then we went to the Buddhist centre and had post-meditation drinks at our regular: Huaringas Bar.


We had a few chilcanos (a drink made traditionally with pisco, ginger ale, lime juice and bitters). We tried a few flavours: brujo de camu camu (quebranta pisco infused with coca leafs with a fruit called camu camu), sauco (a berry), mandarina & kión (mandarin & ginger), and aguaymanto & hierbabuena (a fruit called aguaymanto & mint). All delish.


Chilcanos (S/. 22, $9.36 each)

Nibbles included yuquitas (cassava in slices, chips and balls) and anticuchos. Good stuff.





Av. la Paz 1079, Miraflores
+51 1 2219393

Don Belisario Miraflores – 28 de Julio
Av. 28 de Julio 1005
+51 1 6284771

Huaringas Bar
Ovalo Bolognesi 460, Miraflores
+51 1 2438151

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