Holidays in Perú (July 8 2015)

We got to see my sister again before she headed to the US for a course. This time we went for lunch with her and my brother-in-law to Punto Azul, a well-known seafood franchise. We got there a bit early and hungry. No problem, we bought a bag of chips (sweet banana, salted banana, cassava and sweet potato). Yum.



Punto Azul

We were served the traditional cancha and ordered some Cusqueñas to wait for the food. I’ve made a lot of concessions with my regular diet in this trip, but normally gluten is a non-negotiable. I was hoping the low content in beer would be manageable but sadly one beer does give me reflux.

Rocoto, canchita, limón

Rocoto, canchita, limón

Cervezas, frozen de maracuyá

Cusqueñas, frozen de maracuyá

Alvaro and I ordered a tiradito (slices of raw fish, marinated in lime juice), one of our favourite dishes to order in this restaurant. As a bonus, you can choose up to three different sauces; we chose classic (just the lime juice), rocoto (a very hot red chili) and ají amarillo (yellow chili), all great.

Tiradito natural, al rocoto y al ají amarillo

Tiraditos (S/. 32, $13.57)

We also had causa escabechada, the classic yellow potato mash seasoned with chili paste and lime juice, filled with avocado, and this time covered by fish fillets in escabeche sauce (vinegar, onion, tomato, chili). Awesome dish.

Causa escabechada

Causa scabechada (S/. 24, $10.18)

We also ordered a dozen conchitas a la parmesana (scallops baked with grated parmesan cheese on top), one of my old favourite seafood sharing dishes.

Conchitas a la parmesana

Conchitas a la parmesana (S/.36, $15.26)

My brother-in-law also ordered leche de tigre (the juices left from making cebiche) and my sister had pescado en salsa de perejil (fish fillet in parsley sauce). It was way too much food, as usual, more expensive than what it used to be, but with the same great flavour.

Leche de tigre

Leche de tigre (S/. 19, $8.06)

Pescado en salsa de perejil

Pescado en salsa de perejil (S/. 32, $13.57)

We had coffee at my sister’s and then left her so she could get ready for the trip. We went home to prepare food, yes more food! I made a few Middle Eastern dishes to celebrate my other brother-in-law’s birthday.

Dips, corn chips, bread

Dips, corn chips, bread

Meats, rice pilaf, cauliflower pilaf

Meats, rice pilaf, cauliflower pilaf

Punto Azul
Av. Primavera 2235, Santiago de Surco
Lima, Perú
+51 1 4358656

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