Holidays in Perú (July 7 2015)

Another busy day in Lima. We went to visit Alvaro’s great-grandmother. Then we went grocery shopping with my in-laws and had a late lunch at Señor Pescao.

Señor Pescao

Señor Pescao

This is one of many seafood restaurants in Lima. Prices have gone up in general, but this place is quite affordable and food is great.




We were served the traditional complimentary cancha and ají (chili sauce).

Cancha y ají

Cancha, ají

Alvaro and I shared the ronda marina fría, which consisted in cebiche de pescado (raw fish marinated with lime), tiradito en salsa de ají (raw fish slices marinated with lime, served with yellow chili sauce), pulpo al olivo (octopus in olive mayo) and causa de pulpa de cangrejo (spiced mashed potato with crab filling). Awesome food, massive serving. 10 points.

Ronda marina fría

Ronda marina fría (S/. 30, $12.78)

My in-laws had pescado a la plancha (grilled fish, served with rice and salad).

Pescado a la plancha

Pescado a la plancha

That night my former bandmates came to visit us. These guys were like my brothers back in the day, it was great to catch up, remember good times, and share some wine and nibbles with them. I will miss you!

Señor Pescao
Av. La Mar 623, Pueblo Libre
Lima, Perú
+51 1 7214601

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