Holidays in Perú (July 1 2015)

Lima received us with unexpected warm weather. Luckily, we had packed enough t-shirts and enjoyed the sun on our skins as we spent some time by the sea in Miraflores with our friend Julio.

Malecón de Miraflores

Malecón de Miraflores

We had lunch with him at a hidden organic cafe called Homemade. It looks like one of many small restaurants set up in houses selling set menus (a.k.a. “menú”) but food is much better (and expensive) than most of them. They’re vego-friendly, too.



They served us complimentary spicy popcorn, a unique twist on the complimentary cancha (toasted but not popped corn kernels) that are usually served in many local restaurants.

Canchita picante

Spicy pop corn

The boys ordered a mango frozen (like a slushie, but with real fruit) and a choco power smoothie (cacao, banana, coconut milk, and cacao nibs).

Frozen de mango, smoothie choco power

Frozen de mango (S/. 8.00, $3.38), smoothie choco power (S/. 12.50, $)

Alvaro and I shared the saltado y montado (stir-fried prawns and beef tenderloin, served with potato, sweet potato fries, and fried egg) that perhaps had a less than ideal starch:meat ratio but was delicious anyway.

Saltado y montado

Saltado y montado (S/. 29.50, $12.48)

We also shared a ensalada fresca (lettuce mix with avocado, toamto, cucumber, carrot, radish, and soft white cheese) to get our (my) veggie fix. Restaurants of the world, please take note: this is the correct size of a decent salad.

Ensalada fresca

Ensalada fresca (S/. 18.50, $7.82)

Julio had a lomito al teriyaki sandwich (pork tenderloin “al cilindro” with avocado, homemade teriyaki and sesame seeds in a ciabatta roll, served with mixed greens) that didn’t disappoint.

Sandwich de lomito al teriyaki

Sandwich de lomito al teriyaki (S/. 19.50, $8.25)

We had had enough but we were walking distance from Cremoladas Curich, an establishment that I’ve been wanting to try forever. Cremolada is like an slushie but again, made with real fruit, and less liquid (i.e. you eat it with a spoon).

Cremoladas Curich

They offer cremoladas made with several native fruits in both regular and diet (sweetened with Stevia) versions.

Cremoladas Curich

Cremolada de granadilla y lúcuma

Granadilla and lúcuma cremoladas (S/. 5.50, $2.33 each)

Cremoladas Curich

Later that night we went for dinner with my sister and her husband to Osso, a butcher/restaurant in the posh suburb La Molina. Seems like the meat obsession has hit globally, which is a good thing.



We didn’t have any alcohol that night, but a few limeades with lemongrass.

Limonada con hierbaluisa

Limeade with lemongrass

We started with BBQ chicken wings, followed by a couple of grilled meats (colita de cuadril and entraña fina, both Angus), plus Osso salad (mixed lettuce, Osso ham, egg and balsamic vinagrette) and rustic potato fries (twice-fried quartered yellow potatoes). Everything was excellent, and I’m glad we ordered two different cuts to try.

Alitas BBQ

BBQ chicken wings (S/. 24, $10.15)

Ensalada Osso

Osso salad (S/. 24, $10.15)

Colita de cuadril, papas

Colita de cuadril (S/. 75, $31.72), papas fritas rústicas (S/. 16, $6.77)

Colita de cuadril

Entraña fina (S/. 89, $37.64)

The chili sauces provided on the table were good stuff, too, much better than regular Tabasco.


Chili sauces

My sister ordered a capuccino (yes, it looked like sloppy latte art, and where’s the chocolate powder?) and we got some petit fours made of mini meringues joined by caramel with quinoa and smoked ham. They were as amazing as they sound, although my traditional sister did not enjoy the taste at all.



Petit fours

Petit fours

Calle Henry Revett 259 Miraflores
Lima, Perú
+51 1 4459913
On Facebook

Cremoladas Curich
Calle Bolognesi 759 Miraflores
Lima, Perú
+51 1 2434387

Osso Restaurante
Tahiti 175 La Molina
Lima, Perú
+51 1 3529915
On Facebook

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