Holidays in Perú (June 30 2015)

On our first day in Lima we went out with mum to do some shopping. I always buy clothes when I go back home because quality is great, and try to do the bulk of the shopping at the beginning of the trip, before putting on several kilos. We went to the Jockey Plaza shopping centre and had lunch at El Grifo. I was there three years ago, too, and found the food as good as then.

Alvaro and I shared a ceviche, which I ordered mild with chili (ají and rocoto sauce) on the side because he doesn’t like spicy food. Good stuff.


Ceviche (S/. 45, ~$19)

Ají y rocoto

Ají and rocoto

The other dish we shared was Los Huevos del Grifo, yellow potato chips, smashed eggs with Huacho sausage, beef tenderloin and serrano ham. Amazing combination. My only suggestion: some salad on the side would have been great.

Los Huevos del Grifo

Los Huevos del Grifo (S/. 45, ~$19)

Mum ordered the saltayaki, a stir-fry of beef tenderloin, prawns and Asian veggies in teriyaki sauce, served with fried cassava. It was a very tasty Japanese-inspired version of the classic dish “lomo saltado”.


Saltayaki (S/. 39, ~$16)

Later we had coffee at a Juan Valdez shop. This is the most popular colombian coffee and it’s good to see they’re now everywhere in Lima.

Juan Valdez Cafe

I also noticed that cronuts have invaded Lima, too.


Later we went to my aunties, who served us dinner: chicken breast and fried egg, served with the mandatory white rice and salad. Note the ratio rice:salad, quite the opposite to what I would normally eat (if I eat rice at all).

Pollo, huevo frito, ensalada

Chicken breast, fried egg, salad

My aunty also bought some yellow potato chips from a shop nearby for us to try with some chili sauce. Yellow potatoes have a unique flavour and texture, unlike anything you can find in Australia. That’s why we’re so obsessed to stuff our faces with them whenever we’re in Perú.

Papas amarillas fritas

Yellow potato chips

El Grifo
C.C. Jockey Plaza
Javier Prado Este 4200 Surco
Lima, Perú

2 thoughts on “Holidays in Perú (June 30 2015)

  1. Cronuts in Lima??? WOW… I am surprised. How is the coffee there nowadays? Last time I went 5/6 yrs ago it was very hard to get a cappucino or latte like you would get in Australia. The versions I had there were in soda glasses with lots of cream and ice cream and sugar.

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