Review: Bar Luca (Sydney CBD)

Now that burgers are in fashion I keep my eyes peeled for places that offer gluten-free options, either bunless or with gluten-free bread. Normally burgers in bars/pubs don’t fit the bill as the patties contain gluten themselves, but the famous Bar Luca was the exception. I organised an early Friday dinner night with Alvaro.

We ordered the Wagyu beef burger with bacon, American Cheddar, tomato, lettuce & pickles and the Chicken karrage [sic] burger with wasabi aioli, cucumber & coral lettuce. Best gluten-free buns we’ve had so far, considering texture and flavour. I’m sure Grill’d low carb buns are healthier but these ones were sturdier. I liked the beef burger better, and found the chicken karaage (which is coated in potato starch) a bit bland and I reckon the fryer was due for an oil change.

Wagyu beef burger

Wagyu beef burger ($13)

Chicken karaage burger

Chicken karaage burger ($13)

Because it was hard to decide, we *had* to order both the shoestring fries with aioli and house cut sweet potato wedges with chipotle aioli. Both gluten-free (as several other items in the menu), both great, but we liked the sweet potatoes better.

Shoestring fries

Shoestring fries ($6)

House cut sweet potato wedges

House cut sweet potato wedges ($8)

Bar Luca
52 Phillip Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9247 9700
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