Review: The Hive Bar (Erskineville)

If you’re a regular reader you may know we’ve lived in the same area since we moved to Sydney. First Erskineville, then Camperdown, then Newtown, now Erskineville again. This means that we’ve eaten in many of the past and current establishments in the vicinity. The Hive Bar used to be one of our favourite locals for beers. After going paleo, I thought there would be torture to come back to a place with such good beers and gluten-based food (e.g. pizzas, etc.)

Beers on tap

Luckily, I was mistaken. Besides time being the cure for craving beer (especially when there are other wonderful alternatives – more on this below), it turns out The Hive offers a decent variety of gluten-free snacks and food, plus a great small bar vibe.

The Hive Bar

I would normally drink a glass of wine but I was curious about the house cocktails. Although I wanted something non-sweet, the words “maple” and “smoked” caught my eye and I ended up ordering The Maple (Rittenhouse straight rye whisky with maple syrup and Angostura bitters, served with a smoked pear). Very sweet but also very pleasant. It comes with a single giant ice cube and a slice of pear that resembles bacon (mmm… bacon…) I would (will) order again, perhaps in lieu of dessert.

The Maple

The Maple ($19)

My dining companion that night (read: husband) abandoned me at the last minute, but I still managed to try a few different items as I asked for smaller portions. The free range Bangalow pork scratchings with chilli salt were tasty and crunchy: the perfect drinking snack. In case you’re wondering, the chilli salt was not hot at all.

Free range Bangalow pork scratchings

Free range Bangalow pork scratchings with chilli salt ($6)

If you’re after something more substantial, the kangaroo skewers with chimichurri and extra virgin olive oil are a very good option. Kangaroo tends to be on the tough side as it’s very lean, so be mindful if you’re one of those lazy eaters who don’t like to chew. The chimichurri was excellent, which is a rare thing to find in Sydney. 10 points IMO.

Piquillo fire-roasted peppers, kangaroo skewers

Piquillo fire-roasted peppers ($10), kangaroo skewers ($12)

The other item in my plate were the piquillo fire-roasted peppers filled with goats cheese & served with pine nut dressing. These were also very flavourful, thanks to the great combination of ingredients.

Finally, I couldn’t resist the temptation of ordering fries, which is something I often do when they are labelled gluten-free (this means they’re not beer-battered, nor the frozen commercial ones that almost always contain gluten). The fancy description in the menu reads “hand-crafted”, which really means hand-cut, and they come with a delicious mustard aioli.

Hand-crafted hot chips & mustard aioli

Hand-crafted hot chips & mustard aioli ($8.5)

Gaby @ lateraleating dined at The Hive Bar as a guest.

The Hive Bar
93 Erskineville Rd
Erskineville NSW 2043
(02) 9519 9911

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2 thoughts on “Review: The Hive Bar (Erskineville)

  1. Haha love the extensive of hand-cut to hand-crafted! Does that mean lovingly sliced with a knife? They look tasty though.

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