Product review: Build a Bar

In my constant search for paleo-friendly protein bars that I can have as a post-workout meal on the go, I stumbled across This is the protein bar equivalent of a salad bar: you pick and choose whatever you want from their fairly big suite of ingredients. You choose a base, a protein, nuts, fruits, sweetener and seasonings, and specify how much of each you want (none or a little/some/regular/a lot). On the site there’s a nutritional information panel that refreshes as you tweak the contents of your bar.

When you’ve finished customising your bars you give them a name and wait for your box to arrive.

Build a Bar box

You can find the nutritional information inside the lid of the box.

Nutritional information

The wrapping is simple yet eye-catching, both front and back.



We found the texture of the bars a bit crumbly but the taste was awesome. The texture was way better when frozen. I would definitely order again, especially because I can decide what goes in. Of course, DIY is cheaper but not convenient when there’s not much spare time.

Build a Bar
+61 403 214 594

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