Review: The Italian Bowl (Newtown)

This is one of those rare King Street eateries that have been there “forever” but for some reason we never managed to try. In a recent visit, a friend who now lives in the Gold Coast told me that this was one of the two Newtown restaurants he missed the most. Enough reason for me to try it.

The Italian Bowl

These guys are known for the cheap and tasty pasta (“creamiest ever”, according to my friend) but they also serve non-pasta dishes, some of them gluten-free.

We ordered a couple of dishes to share from the veal/chicken section. Both were tasty, generous, and came with a big serve of veggies (broccoli, carrots, potatoes). Granted, the veal Mexicana [sic] (veal in napolitana sauce with black olives, capsicum, red wine & fresh chilli) was not super authentic but it was my favourite of the two. I found the chicken lemon (chicken breast, lemon juice, garlic & white wine) a bit on the dry side.

Veal Mexicana

Veal Mexicana ($17)

Chicken lemon

Chicken lemon

This place is small and always packed, so don’t come for a long slow-food=-type meal, but it’s definitely a decent BBB (bueno, bonito y barato) choice in the neighbourhood IMO.

The Italian Bowl
255 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9516 0857

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