Review: Dear Cafe (Newtown)

One day walking back from uni I noticed this new Vietnamese eatery on the far North end of King Street (right before it turns into City Road). I looked at the menu and one of the friendly staff approached me and handed me a menu.

Dear Cafe

Dear Cafe

I made sure we tried it a few weeks later, on a night I was craving soup. I ordered a bowl of beef pho with half serve of noodles, and Alvaro his favourite crispy skin chicken. I was also craving vegetables (and no, the bean sprouts and mint that come with pho don’t count as vegetables in my book), so I asked if I could have some steamed vegetables as a side. They were not listed as an option in the menu but the staff were nice enough to make it according to my specifications (whatever vegetables you have in hand, steamed, no sauce).

Beef pho

Beef noodle soup (pho) ($9.50)

Pho garnish

Pho garnish

Steamed vegetables

Steamed vegetables

The pho tasted great and was very generous in size. It did have MSG, though, judging from the hangover I had not long after eating. Alvaro enjoyed his chicken and he reckoned the sauce made it a tad better than his previous favourite (Happy Chef’s).

Crispy skin chicken

Crispy skin chicken ($10.50)

Alvaro also had a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, which was served in a nice glass for the photo.

Freshly squeezed OJ

Freshly squeezed OJ ($4.50)

Dear Cafe
28 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9517 3388

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