Review: Noodle Mee (Sydney CBD)

Believe it or not, it was me who suggested Noodle Mee for a weekday lunch catch-up with my buddy Sebastian. I had learned that this is, in fact, a pan-Asian eatery where not all noodles were wheat-based, and not dishes were noodle-based.

Photo menu

It was soup weather but I was torn between laksa and bibimbap. Bibimbap won this time, and while it didn’t look as great in real life as it did in the illuminated photo display (I blame the egg ring), it had good and fresh taste and comes with miso soup, kimchi and your choice of sauce (none for me).

Beef bibimbap

Beef bibimbap ($8.90)

My adventurous friend chose the mouth burner with chicken, which he described as oily spicy noodles with not enough vegetables. I tried some chicken and it was indeed spicy (not unbearable, though).

Mouth burner

Mouth burner ($8.90)

I’m still planning on trying the laksa one day, and Sebastian seemed keen on the hot food options in display (see photo below).

Hot food


Sebastian and I went back to try some of the hot food (him) and the laksa (me). Unfortunately my laksa was more hot than flavourful and Sebastian seemed underwhelmed with his choices (3 dishes plus brown rice). We won’t be back.

Prawn laksa

Prawn laksa ($9.90)

Hot food

Hot food ($8.90)

Noodle Mee
Wynyard Station
Sydney NSW 2000

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