Review: Chur Express (Sydney CBD)

It took me so long to try the original Chur Burger (Surry Hills) that they managed to open a couple more shops, the most recently conveniently located very close to my office. It’s part of the posh fast food known as The Wintergarden, and it’s been incredibly busy since the day they opened. Sebastian and I were smart enough to head there the day after Easter, when there was no queue.

Chur Express

Chur Express

The menu is short (good for deciding quickly) and they offer their burgers without bun and with extra salad for a gluten-free alternative. Watch out: not all the burgers are gluten-free. I ordered the regular grilled beef burger which comes with cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo, pickle, no bun. Sebastian ordered the marinated grilled chicken with hot sauce mayo, minted slaw, just because it seemed like the most spicy of the lot. I suggested ordering a serve of chips and coleslaw to share ($6 each).

Beef, chicken burgers, chips, coleslaw, salad

The lot

My burger looked very small and sort of unappealing. I’ve had naked burgers before (for example, in Burger Project) that looked way better. It was rare in the middle, the way I like it, but the patty wasn’t that great. I found it under-seasoned and the melted cheese on top didn’t add to the flavour. On the bright side, I liked the size of the extra salad (other places would call a couple of iceberg lettuce leaves “salad”). Chips were great, coleslaw was okay (Sebastian thought it was soggy and lacked zing). He also found his bun tasted like stale brioche.

Beef, chicken burgers


Beef burger

Grilled beef burger ($10)


Marinated grilled chicken burger ($10)

Chur Express
1 O’Connell St
Sydney 2000

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4 thoughts on “Review: Chur Express (Sydney CBD)

  1. The original is great. I think they chose too soon to get into expanding. It takes time to perfect a product and its consistency.

    Thought I’d drop you a line because I was reading through blogs and yours caught my eye. I’m a Sydney based weightlifter who owns a cafe so (although my blog is new) I’ll be talking a lot about food and coffee, but mostly weightlifting. I’ll be subscribing to your feed because it’s relevant to me and I agree with much of your writing! Dani

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