Review: Foodelicious (Newtown)

This is the restaurant that now occupies the space that once was Mad Mex and Cheeky Czech.


I had serious doubts that the food would be any good due to the name and not very sophisticated shop-front. I finally landed here while looking for a restaurant where both my friend (who prefers to eat vegetarian meals) and I would be happy with the menu.


My friend ordered a pumpkin salad that comes with spinach, cherry tomato, pine nuts, Persian feta, Spanish onion (she had hers without it), beetroot, lemon vinaigrette. Predictable, maybe, but was well received.

Pumpkin salad

Pumpkin salad ($12.50)

I ordered the Tasmanian ocean trout with beetroot purée, avocado salsa, fennel, dill and orange salad. Again, somewhat predictable flavours but I must admit the dish exceeded my expectations. Well cooked and very well plated.

Tasmanian Ocean Trout

Tasmanian ocean trout ($22.50)

Because I had a mad craving for salad I also ordered a basic but well prepared green salad on the side.

Green salad

Green salad ($5)

Foodelicious Restaurant
124 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
0423 303 098

Foodelicious Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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