Review: Cuckoo Callay bacon festival (Newtown)

It is not news now that the guys at Cuckoo Callay (i.e. the coffee shop by the Newtown Train Station) are running a Bacon Festival, meaning they have an entire menu dedicated to the deliciousness or pork. Besides the odd person who admitted to me she doesn’t like bacon (hi Michelle) and several angry vegos protesting on the cafe’s Facebook page, the festival has achieved the objective of attracting masses of customers. So much so that we had to go elsewhere on the first weekend because they had ran out of bacon.

Bacon festival menu

When we finally made it we were lucky to skip the waiting list because there was a free table for our party size. We still had to wait a considerable amount of time to get our food. I waited while sipping on a cold drip (okay, two), while Alvaro tried one of the festival beverages: Smokey Bourbon Bacon with fresh apple juice. Great drink!

Cold drip

Cold drip

Smokey Bourbon Bacon with fresh apple juice

Smokey Bourbon Bacon with fresh apple juice ($12)

We shared Bacon All the Rules (Black Forest Smokehouse maple bacon, bourbon bacon, bacon steak, bacon sausage and bacon-crumbed poached eggs served on GF bread) and Bacon, Get in Ma Belly (pork belly with sticky sweet chilli and fennel seed sauce with bacon, caper, coriander and lime salad). Both were great, although I liked the first one better. Fortunately one of our friends left some crunchy pork belly pieces on his plate, which served as an on-the-go snack/dessert.

Bacon All the Rules

Bacon All the Rules ($24)

Bacon, Get in Ma Belly

Bacon, Get in Ma Belly ($20)

The Bacon Festival ends in the beginning of May, so hurry up!

Cuckoo Callay
324 B, Newtown Railway Station
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 8084 5383
Bacon Festival

Cuckoo Callay on Urbanspoon

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