Review: Croutons Soup Bar (Sydney CBD)

One day I took a different path back to work from the post office and found this takeaway soup bar kind of hidden close to the service entrance to Woolies. I like soup and they had some gluten-free ones.


Croutons Soup Bar

Soups are kept hot in soup pots, each with a label indicating the list of ingredients. I have read reviews complaining about the soups being lukewarm, but that wasn’t the case when I tried one.

Soups menu


There are also free herbs and condiments you can grab/add to your soup, with clear instructions in a sign depicting Seinfeld’s soup nazi.

Condiments instructions


I tried the roast beef and vegetable soup, which was nice. Not as good as homemade but close enough. One con is that they serve it in nasty styrofoam containers.

Roast beef and vegetable soup

Roast beef and vegetable soup ($8.50, regular)

They also have gourmet bowls that IMO are not that gourmet. I tried a coconut & lemongrass fish bowl that was quite ordinary.

Gourmet bowls menu

Fish bowl

Coconut & lemongrass fish bowl ($10)

Croutons Soup Bar
g27/60 Margaret Street
Sydney NSW 2000
0433 175 031
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