Review: Eat Now (online)

No matter how much you plan and prepare, shit happens. You run out of food, you get sick, you’re too lazy to cook, you’re too lazy, or all of the above. Fear not, Eat Now comes to the rescue!

How is this different than ringing your favourite takeaway? Well, for starters you don’t have to ring, but you order online. Great for people with poor social skills or ESL, like me. Best of all, you can easily search for all eateries that deliver to your suburb, and then refine by cuisine.


All the info you need to choose a restaurant is right there: cuisine, delivery/takeaway hours, deals, payment methods. You can also see other users’ reviews if that helps you decide.


I was browsing through the restaurants that deliver to Newtown and found Phd, one of the best places for Pho, from what I’ve heard. As a bonus, they indicate which dishes are gluten-free.


I ordered a few dishes to try and got a confirmation message later on the day. The food arrived right on time and hot enough to eat straight away.

We tried Pho with medium rare beef, Pho with medium rare beef and brisket, boneless stuffed chicken wings, beef Vietnamese Salad, green papaya salad with prawn and pork, crispy skin chicken with steamed rice, crispy skin chicken with tomato rice, chicken with ginger and shallots. Food was nice and servings were generous. In case you’re wondering, not my favourite Pho but quite enjoyable, particularly the broth.


Salads, chicken wings, chicken w ginger

We will definitely be using Eat Now again!

Eat Now

This is a sponsored post.

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