Review: Bread and Circus (Alexandria)

A long overdue visit to Bread and Circus was 100% worth it. Former food blogger Amanda Bechara opened this wholefoods canteen a few years ago. Despite its name, bread is not the only thing on offer. Otherwise I wouldn’t be interested, don’t you think?

Bread and Circus

Bread and Circus

The place, like the website and Facebook page, is very pink and delicate (not my style at all). I like the use of fresh produce as decoration, emphasising the philosophy of the canteen (even the bill comes with a yellow squash as a paperweight).

Table decoration

There is an interesting selection of coffees & teas (real and herbal) on offer. I had a filter coffee for a change, and Alvaro a lemony mint herbal tea. I found the tea a bit too dilute for my taste, the coffee was fine.

Filtered coffee, lemony minty tea

Filter coffee ($5), lemony mint herbal tea ($4)

The food menu changes daily, but the format is the same. What caught my eye were the salad plates that come in different sizes: as a side, regular, sharing and takeaway. You can mix and match between the salads of the day. We order three of the four available (the fourth had farro) in sharing size. I can’t remember the exact descriptions but trust me, they were as good as they look.


Salads ($25)

We also ordered some protein sides: preservative-free smoked turkey, preservative-free free range smoked ham, poached organic chicken with olive oil, and grass fed-rare beef, all of which come with condiments. We definitely ordered too much for 2 people, but we got excited to have such good quality options.

Smoked turkey, chicken

Preservative-free smoked turkey ($6), poached organic chicken with olive oil ($6)

Ham, roast beef

Preservative-free free range smoked ham ($5), grass-fed rare beef ($7) ($)

Everything was absolutely delicious and service was excellent. We will be back.

Bread and Circus
21 Fountain Street
0418 214 425
On Facebook

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