Review: Brewristas (Glebe)

Glebe being close to Sydney uni, UTS and TAFE, is known for its lack of sophistication. Uni students are generally not very demanding except when it comes to costs. I’m not being judgemental, I used to be like that when I did my first degree, a gazillion years ago. Anyway, something new and exciting has happened in Glebe: Brewristas, a cafe by people who actually know coffee. Additionally, food is excellent, and the venue is blogger-friendly (one of the owners is a former blogger).


That’s the chemical structure of caffeine

Coffee decorations and equipment makes it clear that these guys are passionate about their brews.



I had my summer drink of choice: a cold drip on ice. The Ethiopian beans gave it an acidic tinge that wasn’t overpowering thanks to the extraction process. Nice, balanced drink.

Cold drip

Cold drip ($5)

They have also coldbrew, bottled cold drip goodness. I got one to try at home (thanks, Denny!), which was as good as the one poured on site.

Cold drip

Cold drip

Cold drip

Coldbrew ($9)

If you’re after a non-caffeinated drink, there are several juices and smoothies to choose from. For example, the refreshing combo cucumber, spinach, and mint.

Cucumber, spinach, mint

Cucumber, spinach, mint

On to the food! The menu is a work in progress; they are looking into introducing more gluten-free and vegan options. We first shared the grilled eggplant stack with grilled zucchini, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, basil, thai pesto, sweet potato purée & bocconcini, ordered with extra bacon. Both the presentation and flavour were beautiful. The balsamic reduction went especially well with the pesto.

Grilled eggplant stack + bacon

Grilled eggplant stack ($14) + bacon ($3)

We also ordered the coconut poached chicken salad with spinach, fennel, coriander, watercress, topped with fried shallots, and drizzled with a pomegranate infused lemon dressing. The poached chicken sounded boring but was amazing and mixed with coconut cream, mayo-style. Again, nice flavour combination. Definitely not an ordinary salad.

Coconut poached chicken salad

Coconut poached chicken salad ($16)

73 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037
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