Review: Pavel and Co (Sydney CBD)

I found out about Pavel and Co via my boss, who used to get his coffee there. But what really grabbed my interest was Raff’s review of the food. Particularly the word “crackling”.

The CBD eatery is big and it gets busy. Service is pretty fast, though.

Pavel and Co

There are pretty good hot sauces on every table. I reckon they should invest on fancier salt shakers to match ’em sauces.

Hot sauces, salt

Liquid caffeine came in the form of a Coke zero for Sebastian and a long black for me, which was sadly not one of my favourite brews in the area.

Coke zero, long black

Coke zero ($?), long black ($3.50)

On the food front, there are three categories: sandwiches, lunch boxes (salad + brown rice + meat), salad (+ optional meat). When you get the salad, you can choose up to 2 different types. I got the crunchy raw beetroot (beetroot, carrot, red onion, parsley, mint, walnuts, fetta) and roasted cauliflower (cauliflower, kale, pickled raisins, pepitas, parsley, mint) and added roasted pork (with crackling!). It was perfect in size and flavour.

Crunchy raw beetroot salad + roasted cauliflower salad + pork

Crunchy raw beetroot/roasted cauliflower salad ($9)
+ pork ($5.90)

Sebastian ordered the Mexican slaw (red cabbage, corn, white cabbage, carrot, red onion, jalapeño, coriander) with grilled salmon. He thought the salad needed more dressing and tanginess.

Mexican slaw + grilled salmon

Mexican slaw ($9) + salmon ($5.90)

I will definitely go back when I need a feed close to work. I’m keen on trying the grass-fed beef and lamb. On that topic, I don’t get why they make an effort in sourcing grass-fed beef and lamb, and yet their pork is grain-fed.

Pavel and Co
1/222 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9146 0716

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